ASTER_Wise Solution to Serve the Smart Community in Southeast Asia (Thailand and Indonesia)

AR/VR interactive caring and epidemic prevention are advanced smart technologies

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BANGKOK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The ASTER_Wise Smart Community Theme Alliance has successfully brought together 13 Taiwanese manufacturers specializing in various fields such as smart sensors, information security protection, and online audio and video marketing. Their collective goal is to establish a comprehensive smart community system in response to the growing trend of new lifestyles in North America and Southeast Asia. In light of the global trade disruptions caused by the pandemic, this initiative aims to extend its impact beyond North America by leveraging the resources of small and medium-sized enterprises in Southeast Asian nations. By forging strategic alliances and developing diverse business models, this collaboration is poised to explore promising opportunities in overseas markets, ultimately positioning Taiwan’s industry on a global stage.

The goal of the alliance is to create a smart community that connects artificial intelligence recognition, behavioral data, and digital ecosystems. By introducing smart monitoring and AI intelligence, the construction environment process becomes transparent. Residents can use their mobile phones to browse community information and services, optimize resident experience, enhance the safety of the living environment, and provide remote medical services. Use AR/VR to visualize overall service security and collect data to identify behavioral data to verify. Then, combine a variety of digital marketing tools and technologies to accelerate the development of the Southeast Asian market.

The alliance plans a variety of customized solutions based on the needs of residents. Based on the smart security control system, combined with smart community platforms, information security systems, and face and license plate recognition technologies, coupled with the value-added application functions of life value such as telemedicine, it plans to promote smart community solutions to the Southeast Asian market.

The benefits of the ASTER_Wise alliance include: 1) Expand new customer areas, develop new markets, and maintain sustainable competitiveness. 2) Promote the development of various smart community technologies and creative services through the overseas development of the ASTER_Wise Alliance. 3) In addition to North America, the initial operational targets also include individual cities in four countries, i.e. Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, and service introduction can also be extended to smart park units.


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