ARGUS GT II Launched, Highlighting VOOPOO’s Innovation Story

SHENZHEN, China–()–On 11 April 2022, VOOPOO launched its new product for the year, the ARGUS GT II. With its 200W high power constant output, IP68 rating and volcano crater design, ARGUS GT II brings a more innovative experience to users worldwide.

Everest Zhao, CEO of VOOPOO, said, “VOOPOO continues to pioneer innovation and experiment with new technologies. We believe that the new ARGUS GT II will also bring a different high-end experience to our customers.”

Perfect for adventurous cloud chasers who want an experience that’s as powerful outdoors as it is in, the ARGUS GT II follows in the footsteps of the successful launch of the ARGUS GT. It also improves on its predecessor with a powerful 200W max output, USB Type-C 3.0A connector for super-fast charging, and a top-fill design for easy and mess-free refills.

The ARGUS GT II is a strong double-layer waterproof, dust-proof, antifreeze and anti-collision mod that can easily deal with extreme temperatures — from minus 20° to 60° — without a drop in performance. It’s also as hard and durable as volcanic rock.

VOOPOO’s newest offering also features its signature GENE TT 2.0 technology, with an upgraded advanced chip that supports Smart, RBA, Turbo and Temperature Control modes.

The top-fill design isn’t the only thing that’s new. The new MAAT tank has a unique volcano crater design, which improves direct airflow rate by 60% and drains condensation to the bottom of the tank, allowing faster and more powerful vapour production and a leak-proof experience.

The birth of VOOPOO

In 2014, at a time when the electronic atomization industry was nearly silent, Scott Zhao and Everest Zhao, the founders of VOOPOO, with their keen market insight, ploughed deep into the field of chip industrial and jointly set up ICCPP (VOOPOO’s parent company) and dedicated themselves to providing chip technology solutions for the electronic atomization industry through GENE chips.

At that time, when working overseas, the founders found that international customers did not recognize the “chip” because it was not a final product that could directly reach the consumer. Even though the performance of GENE chips has been optimized, other design aspects of the service provider’s product were not in place, such as process and design, which ultimately failed to bring a quality product experience to the user. With this in mind, ICCPP believed that the ultimate goal was to serve the customer and user experience well and began to think about transforming to create its product brand.

In 2017, Scott Zhao and Everest Zhao, once again, made the great decision to take the company globally by creating a new brand logo – VOOPOO – and eventually branding the product as VOOPOO. Through three easy-to-pronounce, worldwide letters “V”, “P” and “O”, they carry on the spirit of “earthshaking innovation” promoted by the founder.

The initial letter “V” stands for “Victory”, meaning that VOOPOO relies on technological innovation to lead the industry’s healthy development and share the results of innovation with users through its products. The letter “P” stands for “Produce”, meaning creativity, which is the brand personality of VOOPOO. VOOPOO is a positive and never-ending attitude towards life. To reflect the attributes of the atomization industry, VOOPOO has created an original artistic design for the two letters “O”, which form an infinite figure, resembling the shape formed by the user gulping vape in the air, but also with an original design rich in symmetry, highlighting VOOPOO’s infinite possibilities and future creation.

Like the VOOPOO slogan – SPARK YOUR LIFE means to create infinite possibilities, which also complements the infinity symbol logo. VOOPOO hopes to bring the world not only products but also the spirit and dream of exploring infinite possibilities, breaking through the so-called constraints and shackles, and bringing more beautiful possibilities to everyone’s life.

Dreams – creating infinite possibilities with technology

Chip and atomization, VOOPOO’s two wheels running at the same time

Innovations in user experience have led the industry to enter the “age of technological innovation”, which increasingly requires the integration of chips and atomization technology.

VOOPOO has once again seized this opportunity with great sensitivity.

As an innovator in the development of chip technology in electronic atomization, VOOPOO has formed a series of chips such as GENE.Fan, GENE.Fit, GENE.Pod, GENE.Trio, GENE.AI, and GENE.TT, creating a complete and mature system of chip technology development.

The concept of platforming is a great achievement in the field of chips and a leap forward in VOOPOO’s atomization ecological platform, which covers the TPP, PNP, and ITO atomization platform. By achieving a high power performance experience, multiple compatible atomization experience, the ultimate rich taste experience, it provides users with a variety of taste exploration.

A global technology innovator

VOOPOO has a global presence

Founded in 2017, VOOPOO is a VAPE technology brand integrating R&D, production, sales, and brand operation, with a business covering more than 70 countries and regions around the world, including North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific, with six branches set up worldwide, focusing on deep localized operations in the US, UK, Indonesia, Canada, and other countries and regions, achieving coverage of 100,000 offline outlets worldwide. It is dedicated to providing users worldwide with innovative, high-quality, and diversified product experiences.

VOOPOO is based in the field of electronic atomization but continues to go beyond electronic atomization, diversifying its business, constantly challenging new systems, and being an “innovative company” that “others have not done”. As VOOPOO’s slogan connotes, there are no boundaries, create unlimited possibilities and a better life for users, bring sustainable business development for the industry, and create more positive value for the world.

WARNING: This product may be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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