Archies Limited Launches the ‘Rishte Kare Mazboot’ Campaign for Raksha Bandhan RishteKareMazboot


This year to make Raksha Bandhan celebrations more unique, Archies, the leaders in the social expression industry, celebrate Raksha Bandhan by introducing ‘Rishte Kare Mazboot’, a digital campaign across their social media platforms. The campaign expresses the special bond between siblings no matter what at any cost stands by each other.


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Sibling love is a very special bond between brother & sister that showcases the siblings to be best friends and enemies at the same time. The beauty of having a sibling is that irrespective of them being friends or enemies, they stand together for each other and in times when they need each other the most. This is precisely what the newly introduced Archies campaign highlights. The brand celebrates and wishes Raksha Bandhan to the consumers in a unique way by showcasing to the users the importance of a sibling.


The campaign talks about how the sister has gifted a card to the brother and she explains how this card is a testimony of how her brother stood for her at the time when she needed him the most. The story goes into a flashback and portrays a typical middle-class Indian household in the surroundings. The sister is ready to step out of the house later in the night and is stopped by the father to leave at night due to safety concerns. She initially feels bogged down by the safety concern factor and this is when the brother steps up and informs the father that he should let her go since there have been multiple times that the brother had also stepped out.


The campaign is a classic example of how Indian households function and parents still feel skeptical about making the daughters leave at night whilst the same rule doesn’t apply to the brothers and sons but the fact that having a sibling to always cover up and bridge the gap makes the experience of life and a family wholesome. 


Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Varun Moolchandani, Executive Director – Archies Limited, India, said, “Campaign resonates with our brand celebrating sibling relationships that are unforgettable and priceless in our life. This campaign aims to make Raksha Bandhan more memorable for our families and siblings. Through this campaign, we are raising a toast to all the siblings and applaud the multiple times that the siblings have fought for each other with their parents and built their relationship filled with happiness, love, and joy.”


The brand through the campaign suggests that the bond between the siblings is of selfless love and compassion and it’s very important to celebrate this relationship and cherish it throughout.


Link for the VideoInstagram.


About Archies Limited, India

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