ARCH College of Design and Business Awarding Scholarships Worth Rs. 1.8 Crore

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

ARCH College of Design and Business has introduced almost 150 scholarships worth 1.8 cr. ARCH started this scholarship programme to complement academic excellence and foster the aspirations of emerging designers. The scholarship is accessible to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.


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ARCH College of Design and Business


To be eligible for these scholarships, students first must pass the screening process of the AIEED (All India Entrance Examination for Design) exam. AIEED tests students for “Attitude” and “Comprehension and Communication Skills” apart from their “Creative Thinking”. Selection for scholarships will also be based on Past Qualification Performance; Student Achievement at State, National & International Levels in Sports or Extracurricular Activities; Achievements in Community Projects Undertaken; Leadership Skills; School Principal’s Recommendations; family income. Further, children of Defense Personnel, Teachers, Artists, Single Mothers, Non-Binary and the Disabled are eligible for these scholarships.


Students need to upload their required documents supporting their application for scholarships in the inherent process of the AIEED Screening for Design Studies. Scholarships will be conferred on a first-come, first-served basis and will be valid for a specific time period. If an eligible candidate does not apply for the exam, another eligible candidate on the waiting list will be offered the scholarship. After all the scholarships have been claimed, further scholarships will not be disbursed to late applicant students, even if they meet the criteria.


Archana Surana, Founder and Director, ARCH College of Design and Business, said, “ARCH’s welfare initiatives are aimed at building the world of design aspirants in an encouraging and appropriately useful way by making this Higher Education more accessible. Every year we would like to see more and more design study aspirants make things happen for themselves, no matter what. This is one of our ways to empower students and help them overcome some of the financial barriers coming in the way of following their dreams and ensure that they have a chance at building successful careers and futures in this highly lucrative, creative, satisfying and important field of Design.”

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