APL Apollo Launches Next-Gen Steel Building Solutions for Structural Steel Tubes

Build Better. Build Faster. APL Apollo always speaks about something new, innovative and something that revolutionizes the construction industry. Yet again, the company has proved it right by launching Steel Building Solutions technology. To be a part of this change APL Apollo invited the best in the industry to join and share their experience in industry over the years and their experience with Tubular Technology.


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Mr. Anubhav Gupta, CSO, APL Apollo addressing the gathering

Steel Building Solutions is the ‘NAYI-SOCH’ we all need. APL Apollo has transformed the future of building and construction with its exclusive range of heavy structural tubular products. Steel Building Solutions technology and Apollo Column tubes are known as the heart of Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) due to its faster speed of project completion, superior quality, strength, cost effectiveness and eco-friendliness. 

APL Apollo’s Chief Strategy Officer, Mr Anubhav Gupta presented how APL Apollo’s products can benefit construction industry to achieve Speed, Cost Benefits, Quality, and Environment at the same time. He said, “APL Apollo offers high-performance structural steel tubes that add strength to the buildings besides improving their architectural aesthetics. These exclusive products encompass strength, tolerance and other beneficial properties that make them the right choice for building purposes.”

The tubes employed in constructions are known as structural tubes. They encompass strength, tolerance, and other beneficial properties that make them the right choice for building purposes. They find their usage in a myriad of constructional purposes like building towers, bridges, cranes, highway guardrails, and sign supports, etc. They are also referred to as high-strength welded steel tubes or HSS.

The event also had reputed industry stalwarts from steel fabrication, structural engineering and architect background who gave presentation on benefits of Tubular technology. 

Now, the entire building can be built on Tubular sections (Hollow Steel Sections) which save time the fabrication gets much more easier with these structural steel tubes. Minimal or no on-ground fabrication is required as it is pre-fabricated, precisely engineered and cut to length which speeds up the process and saves around 16 days per slab as compared to conventional/traditional methods of Construction.

These tubes by APL Apollo are used across various prominent structures like hospitals, housing, Factories, warehouses, cold storages, shopping malls, commercial offices, oxygen plants, data centres, food parks etc. Currently tubes by APL Apollo are being used to build 7 hospitals at different locations across New Delhi.


For more information, please visit: aplapollo.com.

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