Antarmanh Consulting Hosted Leadership Coaches Meet on their 9th Foundation’s Day Celebration

Antarmanh Consulting – a management consultancy that aligns wellness solutions for business resilience with protection and performance hosted Leadership Coaches Meet on their 9th Foundation’s Day Celebration. Led by Ms. Seema Rekha, Antarmanh helps organizations in planning, implementing, measuring, and auditing organizations wellness strategy and ultimately aligning it to business outcomes. The meet was centered around the theme of leadership and wellness and recognized the efforts of the distinguished experts from the wellness sector. Many eminent corporate wellness coaches, psychologists and renowned alternative therapists attended the meet.


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Ms. Seema Rekha, Managing Director at Antarmanh Consulting


Ms. Seema Rekha, Managing Director at Antarmanh Consulting said, “Love and care is the basis of connection and this is an anchor for all of us. This has been an anchor for each member of the team and together we have been striving to address poignant aspects of mental health and wellness. This year the annual theme itself is Loneliness. Despite ample abundance in the universe, we all since are struggling so much within ourselves, we are unable to open our eyes and expand beyond us. We all are truly meant for progression, and this truth is what we take forward consciously, hence progress will be exponential. This is what we take to our client and make sure we all practice this within our system first.


Celebrating its 9th year anniversary, the 9 virtues which govern the foundation of Antarmanh, be it for their internal operations or their work with their clients, were highlighted.


Antarmanh is a force of 100+ Counselling Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Organisational Psychologists, Behavioural Experts, Neuroscience Experts, Business Heads and Organisational Development Consultants. The Team aids client organisations in strategizing and creating psychologically safer cultures, such that teams and leaders work in a collaborative environment of mutual trust. The self-driven team of experts at Antarmanh works from the ground up by honing the mental agility of teams and leaders so that organisations are fit to face accelerating changes in technology, business expectations and society at large.


Currently, Antarmanh is present in India, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. They aim to expand to more countries with their robust people and business solutions.

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