Announcing Zxerex Safe to Deter Workers From Showing-up Impaired or Using Drugs on the Job

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As Recreational Marijuana Becomes Legalized in More States, Employers Can Expect Increases in Workplace Injuries, Absenteeism, and Casualty Losses.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, US, November 7, 2022 / — Impairment in the workplace adds to the total cost of work injuries (including wages and productivity losses), which was $171 billion in 2019.

In these uncertain economic times, the need for a safe work environment is even more important, especially as employers rely on workers to do more with fewer resources. In some industries, a single preventable catastrophic event could have an enormous economic impact.

When combined with a company’s current safety program, Zxerex Safe™ screening will deter employees from showing up impaired or using at work. The ability to rapidly detect impairment can help to reduce injuries, absenteeism, and casualty losses, and improve workplace productivity.

Zxerex Safe utilizes science-based algorithms to detect impairment using AI and machine learning. This form of screening identifies the effect of drugs like Marijuana and Opioids on the brain. Traditional urine and saliva drug testing and breathalyzers can only identify the presence of a drug in body fluids or breath, whereas Zxerex Safe detects the actual effect of the drug on the centers of the brain that control the eyes.

Compounds like THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in Marijuana have characteristic effects on the centers of the brain that control the movement of the eyes when the amount in the system causes impairment. THC drug remains detectable in the urine long after this neurologic effect wears off. Positive urine or saliva tests do not detect current impairment, which is why drug testing is performed less often to see if an employee is fit for duty.

In studies of human subjects at major medical centers and field trials, Zxerex has developed impairment bio-signatures for Marijuana and Opioids. The company uses a personalized approach to detect impairment and reports on impairment in seconds.

The screening takes about 2 minutes and can be done at the start of a shift or anytime thereafter. It is ideally suited for use with employees with high-risk jobs where impairment may have serious consequences. Used routinely for all employees, this screening serves as a deterrent to showing up impaired while demonstrating the company’s commitment to a safe workplace for all.

When combined with your safety and impairment detection training program, ZXEREX will be a valuable resource for injury prevention, employee retention, and enhancing recruitment to a safe work environment

ZXEREX Corporation’s mission is to help companies build a safe, impairment-free workplace.

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