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An Open Letter to Users of Cyclotrons (up to 20 MeV), PETNET, Nuclear Pharmacy & PET/CT for Their Radioisotope Needs

WASHINGTON & OTTAWA, Ontario & NEW DELHI, India–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BestABT–Best ABT, a company of TeamBest Global (TBG) Group, is planning to introduce a new cyclotron — the Best Sub-Compact Model 200 — which can fulfill a hospital’s needs for PET imaging and other similar small cyclotrons. The new cyclotron will have a push-button control and one or more chemistry boxes that can be placed near the PET/CT, eliminating the need to transport radioisotopes from the cyclotron operation to PET/CT locations. The Best Model 200 is self-shielded, with an internal ion source. This is the only such cyclotron in the world. In addition, it can provide the dose in a syringe within 30 minutes with just a touch of a button, while the patient is being set up for PET/CT.

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TBG Companies are planning to manufacture a range of diagnostic radiology technologies such as CT, MRI, PET/CT, PET/MRI, X-Ray machines, Ultrasounds, etc. to provide the Best Total Solutions™ for diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine needs.

The goal of TBG is to make these new technologies possible, affordable and accessible to everyone globally.

For more information about TBG’s range of Cyclotrons, please download the PDF of our upcoming advertisement in CERN Courier at:

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Krishnan Suthanthiran • President & Founder

TeamBest Global Companies • Best Cure Foundation

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