Ameya’24 – Igniting Minds, Fostering Innovation

In the heart of the evolving business landscape, the Paari School of Business at SRM University-AP hosted the national-level business fest, Ameya’24, a beacon of excellence and innovation, on February 23-24, 2024. This pioneering event, co-sponsored by Amyra Silver, was a crucible of ideas, leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit, attracting over 500 participants from 25 distinguished institutions.


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Inaugurating Ameya’24 by Lamp Lighting


The fest was inaugurated by an illustrious panel comprising Dr Bhanu Prakash Reddy Varla, a vanguard of entrepreneurship and chair of TiE Grad; Prof. Manoj K. Arora, the visionary Vice-Chancellor of SRM University-AP; Prof. Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran, Dean of Paari School of Business; and Prof. Vishnupad, Dean of Easwari School of Liberal Arts. Their presence underscored the fest’s commitment to blending academic rigour with real-world business acumen.


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Felicitating Chief Guest Dr Bhanuprakash Reddy Varla


Empowering the Future: Leadership and Learning

Ameya’24 was more than an event; it was a dynamic platform designed to instil leadership, team-building, and ethical decision-making skills among students. Prof. Manoj K. Arora highlighted the university’s dedication to offering experiences beyond traditional curricula, aiming to nurture a generation of dynamic entrepreneurs and professionals through unique courses such as- Samaj Seva, Mind and Soul Training, and Happening Happenings.


A Journey of Inspiration: Dr. Varla Bhanu Prakash Reddy

The chief guest, Dr Varla Bhanu Prakash Reddy, in his motivational address, shared his entrepreneurial odyssey, emphasizing the importance of focus, skill accumulation, and horizon-broadening during graduate studies. Dr Reddy’s vision of an “Unstoppable India” leading the global economy, underscored by the rise of Indian unicorns, was a rallying call for students to become innovators and job creators, armed with SWOT analysis and upskilling from their student life.


A Kaleidoscope of Competitions

Ameya’24 unveiled a spectrum of competitions designed to challenge and inspire:


Stock Pulse: A thrilling online stock simulation that tested participants’ investment strategies. Jainam R Jain from Nalanda Vidya Niketan bagged the first prize in this segment.


Product Palooze: A creative marketing challenge where teams devised unique selling propositions for randomly picked products. Praveen from Laki Reddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering became the winner.


Biz Wiz: A business quiz that spanned various domains, from CEO Showdown to Rapid-Fire rounds, engaging teams in a test of knowledge and wit. The winner of this competition was Venkata Yashwith Chakirala from Nalanda Vidya Niketan.


Elevator Pitch: An intense competition where individuals pitched fictional startups, showcasing their strategic thinking and persuasion skills. Shreeyash from SRM University-AP secured the winner rank in this one.


HR Odyssey: A deep dive into the future of Human Resource Management, with simulations and debates to test participants’ innovative HR solutions. Meghana from Gates Institute of Management received the winner trophy in the competition.


Data Dynamo: A challenge that highlighted the importance of data visualization and business intelligence, culminating in a real-world case study competition. Polavarapu Priyansha from SRM University-AP bagged the winning trophy in this segment.


IPL Auction Spectacle: A strategic game of cricket team building within a simulated budget, engaging participants in the intricacies of player selection and financial management. The winning position was secured by Suresh and Team from PB Siddhartha College of Arts and Science.


The business fair, a simulation of entrepreneurship, allowed students to experience the journey of setting up and managing a business through innovative kiosks, further enriching their learning experience.


Cultural Vibrance and Legacy

The fest also celebrated cultural heritage, with Chenda Melam captivating the audience, and a vibrant cultural evening of dance and music marking the conclusion of Ameya’24. This fusion of business acumen and cultural celebration underscored the holistic development fostered at the event. 


Ameya’24 was not just an event but a milestone in the journey of future business leaders. It was a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and vision in shaping the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. As participants departed, they carried with them not just the memories of competition and camaraderie but the spark to ignite their paths and contribute to an unstoppable India. This fest has truly set a benchmark for fostering a dynamic generation of entrepreneurs and professionals, ready to take on the world’s business stages.

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