AMCAP will hold its group mid-year meeting in mid-July to

New York, June 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The year 2022 is critical for furthering capital market reform. AMCAP Group Wealth Management Agency announced a mid-year meeting in mid-July to release the group’s comprehensive investment plan. AMCAP stated that it will actively pursue market opportunities created by fundamental changes such as regional financial opening policies, as well as increase investment in fintech at the business and management levels. AMCAP Group believes that business level, wealth management, and institutional services will be the focus of future financial industry competition. In recent years, institutional management has prioritised information construction in risk control, compliance, and data governance.

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AMCAP Group is an international group that established itself in the Asia-Pacific market early on as a pioneer in the fields of scientific global asset management, intelligent investment, and financial management. AMCAP Group focuses on the application and development of technology and finance, offering comprehensive and high-quality intelligent solutions for China’s early overseas capital finance infrastructure, the introduction of Wall Street’s mature management system, and fintech development research in the Asia-Pacific region

In terms of structure, market response indicates that AMCAP Group’s transformation from service ecology to fintech is expected to grow faster than the overall growth rate of digital economy and financial system services. In terms of investment strategy, AMCAP Group has made significant scientific and technological investments in structural upgrading, financial product trading technology independence, data management, and other areas that closely align with the tenets of service first and customer experience first.

AMCAP Group will continue to adhere to the service mission of “making happiness everywhere,” focus on R&D in technology and finance, enrich investment in ecological products, meet various service scenarios, and benefit more people through high-quality international wealth management and services.



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