Albot Health – A Step in the Right Direction for Accessible Healthcare

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Visiting a doctor often takes a backseat especially when you weigh in factors like a busy schedule, transportation hassles and COVID-19. There’s now an answer to the quest for good health.


Albot Health announces its multi-functional online platform with a distinct specialty in offering top-quality healthcare services virtually.


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An introduction to Albot’s Health’s USP’s and overall promise


With an aim to make good health a part of life, Albot Health achieves its end through a variety of means – as many as 13 specialties, health-centric meaningful discussions & insights, empathetic doctors and intuitive platform design. It is a platform created for people of all ages, socio-economic and literary backgrounds.

The platform offers a range of specialties. Albot Health enables people in urban areas and rural areas alike to receive quick, qualitative and cost-effective expert consultation while sitting in the comfort of their homes or offices.


The company claims to be developing the site using the latest technology to offer a safe environment for people to come online and seek medical help from state-certified doctors and medical professionals. The interface has been kept simple to seamlessly enable people from diverse backgrounds to seek appointments and medical advice. All that the end-user needs to do is log in when they need medical assistance.


As per Dr. Akash Singh, the Chief Executive Officer of the company and the man behind the virtual healthcare platform, “Telehealth has been around for many years. It’s not a new concept. However, what we bring to the table is a platform that understands. It lends empathy to the need of quality care for patients as much as it does towards reduced burden on doctors. We are coming up with a long-term solution that promises advanced care, reduced risk, timely and accessible treatment, patient satisfaction and better health outcomes. Our platform bridges the chasm between patients and experts across all specialties.”

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