Aiming to Disrupt the 60 Billion Dollar B2B E-commerce Industry in India

It is evident that hard work yields success, and at the same time, Ramagya Mart manufacturers, sellers, and retailers have worked hard entitling them to a great round of applause. Innumerable growth can be seen in the past when the retailers associated with Ramagya Mart worked for their successful businesses. Following the PM’s emphasis on Vocal for Local and Atma Nirbhar Bharat, we can see that the B2B market is getting stronger with Ramagya Mart’s unique facilities to grow the businesses.


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Utkarsh Gupta, MD, Ramagya Group​


The manufacturing sector plays an important role in the Indian economy by contributing 17% to the nation’s GDP with over 27.3 million workers. The Indian manufacturing sector is said to boost the world economy by more than $500 billion in the coming years. The manufacturing sector helped the nation to secure 63rd rank in 2020 from 142 in 2014 for ease of doing business. Thus, Ramagya Mart is on a mission to contribute to this cause by introducing an e-commerce platform specially dedicated to the B2B market.


Mr. Utkarsh Gupta, the Managing Director, has been vocal about the USPs of Ramagya Mart and how it alleviates the issues fronted by the manufacturers and retailers. Through Ramagya Mart’s easy-to-understand, diaphanous dashboard customized for each manufacturer and brand owner; manufacturers can gain an insight into their customers through data-driven insights and avant-garde analytics, and all these attributes are with the clicks of a few keystrokes.


Ramagya Mart’s B2B e-trading marketplace is to continually learn and develop into better services and create customer satisfaction by delivering solutions to incentivize buyers to do wholesale transactions on this B2B trading platform. With over 3200 registered manufacturers and more than 5000 distributors & retailers, this platform is planned and curated to fulfill the business requirements of Indian home appliance manufacturers and their traders to drive “Desh Ka Vyapaar”. By implementing the best strategies to assist the members, Ramagya Mart has witnessed an overwhelming response from retailers and manufacturers with a whooping GMV of 32 Cr. in just a few weeks.


While there is always a struggle for credits and payments, Ramagya Mart has come up with a special 34-day interest-free credit service. This service is implemented to ease the issues of retailers, resellers, and wholesalers distributors, who wish to buy home appliance products directly from manufacturers listed on the Ramagya Mart portal. Everything is completed and compiled digitally with instant approvals and disbursements, and the best feature: the loan is collateral free.


Ramagya Mart’s ‘Ramagya Vishwas’ offers this unique service to a selected set of manufacturers listed on the portal to get Vishwas certified, which helps in business promotion and distribution channel business, developing the needs of Indian home appliance manufacturers.

While Ramagya Mart is emerging as India’s first B2B e-commerce platform for home appliances, it has also earned the trust of manufacturers and sellers via its perfectly designed business model. Ramagya Mart is bringing out the best in its people and moving fast to acquire the market with its member’s support.

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