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SINGAPORE, Oct. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Brands can transform customer care by routing inquiries to messaging conversations that agents can manage on AiChat’s unified messaging platform. Leading retailers like MR.DIY has already taken advantage of this integration to decrease costs and drive sales through conversational commerce.

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South East Asia leader in conversational CX platform for retailers, AiChat, announced its partnership with Google’s Business Messages. AiChat is among the first set of South East Asia companies within the Business Messages ecosystem, setting the stage for an exciting relationship to come.

This integration provides more resources for consumers to make their decisions online. For multi-location retailers, like MR.DIY, customers can click the message or chat option directly within Google Click-to-Message (CTM) Ads. The option is also available in Google Maps via the Google My Business listings.

The benefits of Google’s Business Messages

By having messaging enabled in Google CTM ads and Google Maps, retailers can tell customers the information they need quickly. For example, business hours, setting appointments over chat, updates on order status, and more can be addressed without staff. It’s easy to see how this can impact customer satisfaction can improve, as well as increased performance in CTM ads, with conversational advertising.

Business Messages

Providing customers the option to use chat in Google Maps helps customers reach store associates directly. With the combination of automated smart message chatbot and FAQ directory, customers can be answered outside of operating hours easily.

MR.DIY, one of the largest home improvement retailers in the region with 700+ stores across Malaysia, has partnered up with AiChat and Google for this initiative to drive promotion redemption via Business Messages.

MR.DIY Google’s Business Messages Chatbot

Within the first 3 months, the brand has achieved significant success with Business Messages implementation.

  • 1 out of 5 users who chatted with MR.DIY Google BM viewed and subscribed to MR.DIY’s promotion (submitted email address and phone number).
  • Click-to-Message (Full Ad Format): CTR of 8.57%, above the global average of 5.4%, with MTR (Message-Through-Rate) at 12.5%.
  • Click-to-Message (Ad Extension Format): CTR of 0.48%, 3X the global benchmark, MTR at 57.6%.

This is an important step in the new normal for physical retail locations, says AiChat’s CEO and co-founder, Kester Poh.

“Providing on-demand chat features to customers is valuable in this new pace of life. It is a requirement for all businesses to adapt to consumers’ digital preferences and the changed state of the consumer journey. AiChat is primed to help retailers with this goal in a unified AI-powered messaging platform, now available as one of the first South East Asia companies to partner with Google Business Messages.” 

Available now, AiChat retail partners will be able to use Google Maps conversational features. These features include:

  • Sales Promotions and Offers: Chat with customers and provide them value with video and carousels ad units sharing promotions and recommended products in an easy to deploy format during chat conversations, helping chat reps meet business goals.
  • Multilingual Natural Language Processing: Our global customers can be served in Singlish (Singapore English), Manglish (Malaysia English), and more using localized languages and dialect options.
  • FAQ Automation: Have up to 91% of customer inquiries automated through an FAQ automation flow chatbot, such as store operating hours, curbside pickup, health requirements like social distancing rules, and more. 

Turn local retail searches into customers. Serve your customers at the time of their search, no matter your operating hours, with AiChat’s mix of AI-powered chatbots and connections with in-store associates and chat integration with Google Business Messages.

Take retail into a full omnichannel experience with AiChat’s integration with Google’s Business Messages. Bring your brick and mortar retail locations into the digital landscape.


AiChat is a leading A.I-Powered Conversational Customer Experience platform designed to help brands automate business processes in customer service, marketing and commerce via social messaging apps.

The company is based in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia with a diverse team of experienced digital marketers, user experience designers and A.I experts who help brands to develop effective messaging and A.I strategies that improve customer experience and drive business ROI. Some of the trusted brands who have already adopted AiChat’s solution include Philips Lighting, Bayer, Coca-Cola, Pernod Ricard, Petron, TESCO, Mr D.I.Y, Mitsubishi Motors, Kia Motors, Marina Bay Sands, Hatten Hotel Group and many other enterprises across Asia.

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