Age over 40, BMI above 23 and a Family History of Type 2 Diabetes Increases Diabetes Risk by 40 times – Findings from the Fitterfly Campaign

MUMBAI, India, Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In India, more than 80 million people are diagnosed with diabetes. By 2030, the number stated will see an increase to 130 million if no action is taken. Diabetes is an alarming issue in our country that requires immediate attention and precaution. With over 90 million people with prediabetes, 70% of them will convert to type 2 diabetes in the next 5-10 years. Diabetes is a chronic disease developed mainly due to one’s lifestyle choices and family history. It is a combination of factors- environmental and genetic factors. Pre-diabetes which is a precursor to diabetes – is when one’s body is insulin resistant. When not treated and identified, this can further convert to Type -2 diabetes. 

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Fitterfly Healthtech, a leading Indian Digital Therapeutics company, pioneered the #FightPrediabetes campaign, in partnership with top doctors of India, Roche Diabetes, USV and Lal Path labs. The campaign created awareness about prediabetes and reached over a million Indians via online events, social media, corporate reach, etc. It was kickstarted on 14th August – 90 days before diabetes day – to draw attention to the prediabetes situation in India. As part of this, a nationwide study was conducted to assess the risk of prediabetes in Indian adults, the first-of-its-kind initiative in India. The test is an evidence-based, clinically-validated tool to assess an individual’s risk of Pre-diabetes, following international protocols for prediabetes detection such as the American Diabetes Association and Centers for Disease Control (USA).

5000 people from the top 10 cities of India took the test and people were asked questions about their health profile, family history of diabetes, other health conditions and lifestyle. The online survey generated a report and classified the people into various risk profiles for diabetes and prediabetes- low, moderate or high. Detailed reports and recommendations to prevent progression to diabetes were shared after the test with all participants.

The data was then studied using statistical analysis for the calculation of relative risk of prediabetes with factors like age, BMI, physical activity, family history of diabetes and the presence of high blood pressure.

Dr Arbinder Singal, CEO & Cofounder of Fitterfly said, “This is a first-of-its-kind study in India which highlights the high metabolic risks that people need to take seriously by using an online risk calculator made for the Indian population – prediabetes-risk-test

. The keys are to lose weight and bring BMI under 23 and increase physical activity. I was also diagnosed to have prediabetes in 2019 and with a strong family history of diabetes, I was really worried. I used advanced technology built by Fitterfly to understand blood sugar response to various foods using a CGM sensor, make the right food choices and get a variety of physical activities to reverse my prediabetes. We would suggest that prediabetes is the right stage for us to work together at a national level to fight the incoming tsunami of diabetes.”

Further to the analysis conducted, weight is considered a big contributor in developing type 2 diabetes. Our findings gathered about 89.1% of people with BMI (above>23) in the overweight and obese category had a moderate to high risk score for developing prediabetes. Additionally, if they have a family history of diabetes and less than the recommended level of physical activity (150 mins per week), the risk goes up by 40 times.

Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle by constantly monitoring one’s calorie intake and calories burnt. With links between obesity and diabetes established, reducing even a small amount of weight can help improve one’s body’s insulin sensitivity. With the Fitterfly study conducted, an average weight reduction between 8-12 Kg can significantly reduce the risk to low risk categories.

About Fitterfly

Fitterfly is a smart, personal digital therapeutic solution that is an anytime, anywhere companion for patients to truly achieve their health goals. The company offers a clinically validated, digital-led therapy that connects patients, health coaches and healthcare providers in meaningful ways to enable sustainable behaviour change that is at the core of good health.

Fitterfly achieves transformational outcomes for patients with personalised, data and coaching-led behaviour change via Vogital (voice and digital) touchpoints with a user-centric app. The programs are based on glocally accepted, evidence-based protocols and cutting-edge research.

Fitterfly’s current product suite includes scientific and hyper-personalized DTx programs for diabetes, PCOS, obesity, pregnancy, and child wellness. They are the preferred digital therapeutic partner for many doctors, hospitals, organisations like pharma companies, corporates and medical device companies.

Fitterfly was Co-Founded by Dr Arbinder Singal– CEO, Shailesh Gupta– COO, and Jayesh Sawant– CTO/CPO.





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