Aerochain Launches Into The Blockchain Space, Set Sights On

Jakarta, Indonesia, Feb. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The team at Aerochain, a community-driven blockchain, is pleased to announce the entry of its project into the blockchain fora. Aerochain aims to give blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin a run for their money, as it attempts to refine the blockchain space. 

The $AERO Token

$AERO is Aerochain’s utility token. Users can use $AERO to pay for goods and services on the Aerochain protocol. In the future, users will be able to stake their tokens to generate revenue.

Audit And KYC

Aerochain project has been audited and achieved KYC status, this is done with aim to ensure the safety of the users are never compromised. Also, all new members will be subjected to KYC protocols.

Aerochain’s Team

Aerochain parades a team of experienced and competent blockchain experts with vast years of industrial experience. One of the focal points of the team is to invest massively in marketing, advertisement, and promotion. As such, the team has prepared sufficient capital to cater for marketing.

About Aerochain

Aerochain is a 100% community-driven project with blockchain utility, such as P2P trading and other amazing blockchain features. It provides a wide range of services to crypto enthusiasts and investors alike. Aerochain’s goal is to offer faster transaction speed compared to what Binance and Ethereum currently offer.

The Aerochain team is working behind the scene to ensure that it can accommodate new features, challenges, competitors, donations, and more. With an experienced team and a long-term potential, Aerochain will refine the blockchain space and offer improved value for money.

Aerochain will also host a lot of community events like contests, giveaways, and many more. Community members can participate in the events to win different rewards.

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