Aditya Kilachand Launches ‘Avas Wellness Living Project’ in Alibaug

With health and wellness taking centre stage, people today are looking for ways to enhance their everyday quality of living. Bringing together and building a community of like-minded people who share commitment and concerns towards fundamentals of health and wellness, forward looking business entrepreneur, Aditya Kilachand today announced the launch of the Avās Wellness Living Project in Alibaug. Avās Living offers a first-of-its-kind community development, inclusive of an enclave of resplendent, eco-friendly homes and an indulgent spa and wellness centre. Multi-cuisine cafes, jogging tracks, an elegant leisure pool, nature immersed living, along with a world class spa are a few elements that help define the Avas Wellness experience of “Living Well, Living Healthy & Living Safe”, bringing an exquisite blend of luxury living, with seamless wellness technology embedded in it.


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Aditya Kilachand, CEO, Avas Wellness


Deriving its name from the Sanskrit term Avās, which means “to inhabit”, the Avās Wellness Living Project holds the fundamental concept of holistic living and community, encouraging individuals to “inhabit” their “best self”. All connected easily through tech, Avās employs a thoughtful blend of Ayurveda and modern wellness science into the design of its spaces and wellness programs, with the goal of promoting wellness as a lifestyle. Designed around a futuristic wellness facility and submersed in nature, Avās focuses on a biophilic design. One of the world’s most highly regarded architectural firms, SAOTA has designed Avas Living along with its state-of-the-art Spa and Wellness Center that will serve as the cornerstone of the project. Avas Living and the Avās Holistic Wellness Spa are SAOTA’s maiden project in India that have been designed with the aim to reignite one’s connection with their mind, body and spirit through a collection of factors that have proven to positively affect one’s mental health and state of being.


While talking about his dream project, Aditya Kilachand, CEO of Avās Wellness says, “Avās Wellness is a futuristic, world-class vision that competes with the best internationally. Our homes are customised to refiect your individuality. They offer a 360-degree living experience, with a strong emphasis on Health and Goodness. We believe health is the ultimate luxury in today’s world. And we have created our community around it. The Avās spas are mindful of specific individual needs and mould themselves to a programme designed to heal and revive.”


Avās endeavours to be a luxury wellness company with technology at its core. The aim is to build a community that believes in holistic wellness as a lifestyle and is looking for a personalised experience with measurable results, by assisting 

you in how to sleep and eat better, breathe better and live better. Additionally, by bringing together a mix of world-renowned designers and architects into the fold, Avās aims to deliver a superior and unique wellness experience. The project has reignited the dream of a home with wellness at its core and state-of-the-art facilities that create a sanctuary in the picturesque town of Awas, Alibaug.


Adar Poonawalla, CEO at Serum Institute of India and key investor at Avas Wellness says, “Avas Wellness has the first mover advantage, in an area I have been passionately committed to for over two decades – good health and mental well-being. I believe the Avas concept of combining luxury with a well thought through holistic lifestyle deeply resonates with my personal philosophy of treating my body and mind with utmost respect. A world class rejuvenation centre that relies on sophisticated technology and is easily accessible, refiects a shared vision for the future.”


This passion project is also backed by marquee investors and leading global wellness collaborators. Gaurav Kapur, Investor in the Avās Wellness Project who hails from the prominent Yes Bank family says, “The need for a second home, away from the city is increasing exponentially. Avās Wellness bridges the need gap by providing an ideal luxury living space bringing the best of two worlds – technology and infrastructure together and making it the perfect choice. With the wellness aspect attached with Avās Wellness, they will uplift the everyday quality of living on multiple levels – physical, mental, psychological and spiritual as well as find a place to rejuvenate.”


About Avās Wellness

Avās Wellness is a premier luxury wellness company, leading the way in developing wellness living spaces in India, such as its Wellness Living Project in Alibaug. Alibaug is a quaint, coastal town intertwined with rich culture, breathtaking nature and untold stories just 20 minutes south of Mumbai. The Avās Wellness project is the passion project of Aditya Kilachand, backed by marquee investors Adar Poonawalla and Gaurav Kapur. Avās Wellness has partnered with the world’s leading architectural firm SAOTA for designing its best-in-class wellness spas and homes. The project has reignited the dream of a home with wellness at its core and state-of-the-art facilities that create a sanctuary in the picturesque town of Alibaug.

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