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Singapore, May 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On May 27, 2022, when answering the question “how to interpret the necessity of exchange compliance”, in an interview, Jubi exchange CEO Jeff said Jubi has a comprehensive layout of compliance and innovation. Compliance development is the only way for exchanges to become lions within the industry. Only trading exchanges that embrace security and supervision can protect users’ assets and truly serve every user well and effectively in the long term.

Jubi sets up a new compliance department for global expansion.

Jubi, founded in 2013, is one of the earliest digital asset trading platforms globally. It is also an ardent cultivator in the industry, constantly active in blockchain, digital assets, and cryptocurrencies. A professional digital asset trading platform for over nine years, a brand known for providing safe, stable, and fast trading of digital assets and derivatives trading services to more than 2.3 million users in more than 20 countries. 

Jubi has always adhered to the principle of compliance throughout the industry’s early development. We continuously monitor compliance and adjust our products to meet the highest standards. We have a new global strategy stemming from an enriched ecosystem surrounding Jubi, which will secure our place as a powerful promoter of the digital asset industry and the Web3 world that constantly contributes value to the blockchain industry.

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Industry development in conjunction with compliance

Recent high-profile industry adoption and integration, like El Salvador’s designation of Bitcoin as legal tender or Coinbase’s listing on Nasdaq, shows widespread confidence in the industry’s long-term development. Only with the continued development of fully-compliant platforms and services can we expect this level of adoption to continue and allow the industry to reach its full growth potential.

Jubi has always been aware of how significant compliance is for proper healthy development, being the first compliant digital asset and derivatives trading with risk control and financial product management platform in Singapore. In 2020, Singapore Uniweb Group acquired and launched, with a new full-integrated focus on compliance.

A strict system of financial products

Uniweb, Jubi’s parent company, started cross-border payments as early as 2015 and has been leading the industry in outbound settlements, cross-border settlement, KYC, risk control, and technical operations. Its partners include Ant Financial, WeChat Pay, UnionPay, and Grabpay, the largest electronic wallet in Singapore. Uniweb provides Jubi with deep industry experience and resources to draw from when building KYC systems that meet traditional financial standards. 

In addition, Jubi’s location is in Singapore, a global center for innovative financial technologies like blockchain, where the local government encourages the development of cryptocurrency and trading exchanges. Policy support and a conducive environment help to accelerate Jubi’s position and establish it as a core player in the blockchain industry.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore gr anted Jubi Exchange an exemption to allow digital asset trading because of the company’s business in payments. The MAS exemption license covers cross-border payments, clearing, and acquiring. Jubi’s fundamental business foundation and strict procedures give the company clear compliance advantages. In the future, Jubi plans to explore transaction transparency, fiat currency transactions, and other industry segments where compliance is an essential factor.

From March 2020, after receiving the exemption to operate from MAS, Jubi’s compliance has seen significant progress, with the brand actively promoting compliance globally, laying the foundation for international development.

Construct and develop a global ecosystem

Jubi is building a distinct product ecosystem with mature risk control and security, serving the entire industry with the concept and attitude of being responsible for the industry, users, products, and market. We are building on our compliance features to help our partners fulfill the purpose of Web3, and we believe they are crucial to continuous development.

Digital assets are becoming the new favorite investment for traditional investors, and exchanges are usually the first stop for them to invest in the asset class. We believe that exchanges should be more responsible. In addition to building a product framework and ecosystem based on compliance, Jubi also pays close attention to user education.

Digital assets are different from traditional investment assets. They have higher cognitive requirements for investors, understanding the fundamentals of the blockchain industry. Especially with the diversified development of Web3’s emerging sectors, such as NFTs, GameFi, SocialFi, and the Metaverse, a clear understanding of the industry is mandatory for investors.

Jubi is building various repositories to allow every user to accumulate a knowledge foundation in Web3 infrastructure and investment concepts. In addition, Jubi plans to develop rich ecosystems in all areas of the industry, launch DeFi products, incorporate GameFi and build in the Metaverse. Jubi is helping users prepare for the new Web3 world.

Create long-term safe investments

Jubi’s founding team believes security and regulation are the best way for the exchange to protect users’ assets and truly effectively serve every user in the long term. Jubi will actively obey the policies of various countries, striving to develop the best way possible within the supervision and necessary regulations of multiple jurisdictions to provide users with a safe and secure long-term investment service.

Jubi stands at a new starting point, with an attitude to adapt to the requirements needed to foster healthy industry development. However, without changing our original concept of embracing regulation and attention to users’ needs. Jubi allows users to get more investment choices and opportunities so that every crypto investor can reasonably and legally obtain the right to trade crypto assets.


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