A village of Soldier’s Got its First IT Lab Setup through it CSR Initiative of Success Pact, On the Firm’s 11th Anniversary

Our country is brimming with talented and skilled young people. The generation with boundless energy and a strong will to succeed. But somewhere along the way, there is friction that prevents them from trying something new. That something is a scarcity of resources, and in the age of technology, what could be more valuable than technology itself?

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A village of soldier’s got its first IT lab setup through it CSR initiative of Success Pact, on the firm’s 11th anniversary

Success Pact deals with tech minds each day, and understanding the importance of that, they build an IT LAB for the students of MHM Inter College, Saidpur, Bulandshahr to give young minds new opportunities to form, innovate, and grow.

Success Pact celebrated its 11th Anniversary Day in a more meaningful and human-centric manner, giving back to society and adding meaning to the efforts made.

Success Pact has come a long way since it inception in 2011. Employees demonstrated the utmost dedication and hard work for the company’s growth. The 1st of August marks the successful 11th year of providing the best talent needs to the tech industry.

Since its initial conception, the company has grown significantly, embracing a strong value system and accomplishing more than ever before. On this eventful day, the company expressed heartfelt appreciation to all of their employees, stakeholders, and clients. The company has established itself as a shining example among the country’s leading organisations.

Years ago, Success Pact began with millions of dreams, hope, and immense enthusiasm, and today, as they celebrate another year of its incorporation, nothing has changed except that they have made their dreams come true, and on this anniversary, they hope to help others realise and achieve their dreams.

Mr. Preet Sirohi CEO of Success Pact shares his experience, “This was one of our CSR activities aimed at empowering and encouraging society’s young minds. Success Pact goes above and beyond by providing students with free career consultation and guidance in learning with the IT facilities.

It would help youngsters choose the appropriate career and take charge of their future. He also draws attention to the reality that rural students lack access to technological education due to a lack of infrastructure and resources. Success Pact is committed to assisting each student in being technologically savvy and future-ready. Since our cultural diversity is promoted at Success Pact, we feel that our employees are what make us whole, so we consistently prioritize them. We offer a variety of benefits and employee engagement activities to our employees. They all make us very happy, and we want more happy faces in the future. I’d also like to congratulate students on the new IT lab and their learning access with our experienced team. I hope the students of MHM Int College, Saidpur, will get many opportunities to develop, invent, and progress in their future. Our team is also very excited to work with them in the future.

Our anniversary celebration is not just meant to be fun, exciting and thrilling but more than that it’s the day we do something that helps and benefits society and make the day really memorable and special by making it special for others,” he added.

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