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PixPal is a platform that merges the virtual and physical worlds through blockchain technology to help artists transition to web3. 

The world of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and metaverse is an exciting new reality. Many people have immersed themselves in this new world, but many others don’t understand it. PixPal is the first-ever platform that is easing artists into this new world. The platform is clear-cut, making it easy for artists to transition to Web3 & profit from it.

PixPal brings together the physical and digital art galleries to provide products that live both in the digital world and in tangible locations. The PixPal NFT marketplace aims to create a one-of-a-kind experience for artists & investors. “Our main objective is to engineer a lively, incredibly active ecosystem based on cutting-edge artistic projects and NFT collections. These collections can be moved from the online NFT marketplace to a brick-and-mortar art gallery.”

PixPal introduces a new era of NFT, bridging the physical assets, mostly art, with digital assets. It is also a platform that supports the visions and goals of artists. “The whole journey from the metaverse to the real world will be driven by our Profit-Sharing Community (PSC)…”

Until now, NFT projects have only had a home in the virtual world, but through blockchain, PixPal will give artists a medium to exhibit their art to the world. Art exhibited with PixPal can be accessed in real-life & the metaverse. The virtual PixPal Art Galleries are open 24/7, and people can visit the physical galleries too. “The galleries are being designed to have a modern minimalistic look and metaverse-like experience. We will also add interactive tools to it to allow customers to browse available NFT collections.”

To make it easier for non-web3 people to join their community, PixPal will offer traditional banking operations on its platform, such as credit card payment. This way, web2 artists can enjoy web3 advantages even if they don’t yet know a lot about it.



The collections exhibited at PixPal art galleries will be hand-picked and can be bought and sold. The Phygital NFT Marketplace offers outstanding works of art from proven artists. PixPal is based on Solana, one of the fastest-growing blockchains in the market, which provides beneficial features that allow for the kind of scaling PixPal needs for its NFTs. These features include security, transparency, and decentralization of operations.

To encourage the merge of physical and digital utilities, PixPal introduces “NFT as service”. This pilot project will start by offering free Tattoos with the NFT’s ownership. They already have agreements with Tattoo artists in Argentina, Armenia, Holland, Germany, Spain, and United States to start delivering on this idea.


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