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Dubai, April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Daddy Dollar is a token in the BSC network offering permanent passive earnings to its holders in $USDT, ensuring safety and security to novice crypto investors.

Daddy Dollar is a fully functional meme token in the Binance Smart Chain network that aims to be a stable and acceptable cryptocurrency for new crypto investors and regular people. The token rewards its holders in $USDT with its unique projects, ensuring a regular passive income.

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According to the project’s whitepaper, the company wants to create a similar success story like BabyDogeCoin and defines itself as a “wonderful project with wonderful admins, intending to repeat BabyDogeCoin success in a stable and acceptable form for ordinary people.”

Daddy Dollar will start its token pre-sale on April 29th, 2022. In addition, the project will lock the Initial Liquidity for a year with the PinkSale protocol.

Presale buyhttps://www.pinksale.finance/#/launchpad/0xB97f2Fe96bAae1b3210a992f208d6E82ca551264?chain=BSC

Many other projects offer token holders rewards in the form of other t okens like CAKE, BNB, ADA, Dogecoin, AVAX, and more. However, DADDY DOLLAR With the Single Dividend yield-generating BSC contract, users can get rewards in the form of USDT instead of tokens.

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Daddy Dollar’s token contract uses a static rewards system. The 15% tax distribution is as follows:

Redistribution in USDT- 6%

6% of all buy or sell tax fees of every transaction is redistributed to Daddy Dollar holders. Users can hold tokens i.e. $Daddy Dollar(DAD) and earn rewards in USDT. However, each user must hold at least 10,000 tokens to receive rewards.

Rewards Paid Automatically

Daddy Dollar holders do not have to claim the rewards they earned in USDT. The company sends them automatically to the holder’s wallet. Users simply need to add their Tether USD token ($USDT) address to their wallet.

Liquidity Pool- 2%

2% of all buy or sell transactions goes to the PancakeSwap liquidity, which is automatic and helps maintain a price floor or stability.

Auto Burn

1% of all buy or sell transactions goes to the dead address, hiking and stabilizing token price in the long run. 

Fully Audited + KYC

Daddy Dollar has an audited contract for issues, and their team is KYCed for additional security with Pinksale.

Extra Sell Fee & Anti-Dump- 1%

All sell transactions apply a 1% tax fee. The anti-dump allows to reduce swing trading and breaks whale control.

Massive Marketing Plan

4% of all buy or sell transactions goes to marketing efforts. It allows developers to fund promising projects in the community.

Secured By Design
The Initial Liquidity will be locked by Pinksale for a year with its Pinklock protocol.

The comprehensive dashboard supports all devices, and one can track and claim their rewards and monitor the token statistics.(https://daddydollar.app/dashboard.php)

Team Earning

2% of every buy or sell transaction goes to the team as developers use their funds for development and pre-launch marketing efforts.

Dividend Distribution Mechanism

The project’s dividend mechanism rewards token holders who hold to earn dividends from all buy and sell transactions.

Their whitepaper suggests, Dividends do not rely on the Daddy Dollar price. They rely “on the volume and proportional to the Daddy Dollar amount you hold in your wallet.”

Following are the Dividend Distribution Mechanism details:

  • All the contract’s gains in $USDT are divided equally among token holders.
  • Users must hold at least 10,000 tokens in their wallets to receive rewards. 
  • The smart contract tracks all dividends of every holder on the platform.
  • Every transaction processing the user number from the list is dynamic and depends on transaction size.
  • Daddy Dollar holders get dividends depending on the position 
  • The system is transparent and 100% automated.

Investor’s Security and Contract Security

Daddy Dollar team promises security to its investors in the following ways:

  • Initial Liquidity will be locked by Pinksale for a year with its Pinklock protocol.
  • The company has an audited contract address by a notable and trustworthy company.
  • The project founders have offered complete KYC on the PinkSale, using video confirmation and essential documents.
  • Of the total team tokens, 5% are locked for one year using linear unlocking.

The project has completed its first phase and is looking forward to introducing staking pools and Play & Earn Zones.

Daddy Dollar- a unique token offering $USDT

The functional meme token aims to follow a similar success story of BabyDogeCoin. The project offers rewards in $USDT and promises a passive income to all the token holders.

Daddy Dollar’s contract is audited by a notable and trustworthy company. Its founders are also KYCed.

Join the Daddy Dollar community on:

Presale buyhttps://www.pinksale.finance/#/launchpad/0xB97f2Fe96bAae1b3210a992f208d6E82ca551264?chain=BSC

For more details about Daddy Dollars, visit https://daddydollar.app

Daddy Dollar

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