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Singapore, Sept. 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BlockTrust, a pioneer in Web3Commerce solutions, will unveil the latest ID3 utility at Token2049 in Singapore, an on-chain creator and influencer rewards and commerce engine, designed specifically for growing and major global brands.

ID3, the custodial wallet infrastructure used by brands scaling to 100s of thousands of concurrent on-chain transactions across millions of consumers, will shortly release its Creator Engine for Brands, decentralising the $137 billion annual paid and earned media market.

Key Features of the ID3 Creator Engine:

  • Proof of Influence: ID3 empowers brands to drive and reward brand advocacy across all social platforms via its customers, automatically paying User-Generated Content (UGC) (by likes, views, shares etc) with stable coins that can be used for future FIAT purchases. Proof of Influence provides brand’s with an alternative and more effective use of advertising budget, directly to the customer. Proof of Influence transforms followers into influencers and back to customers on a continuously scaling loop. 
  • Proof of Purchase: ID3 captures big retail purchases by consumers in real life, rewarding stable coins when product barcodes are scanned, capturing all meta-data required to enable future consumer purchases directly from the brands online ecommerce with 1 click.
  • Apple and Google wallet: Consumers access their favourite brand’s web3 Commerce environments, and their influencer coin balance, directly via a branded card in their apple or Google wallet, enabling permissionless login, direct notifications and messaging. 
  • Proof of Attendance: Consumers’ Apple or Google Brand Card can be used to authenticate their attendance at events and on-premise venues, swap contacts with fellow consumers, providing further stable coin rewards, digital drops, and status recognition. With this feature, brands are able to activate their followers, on masse, through direct communication via WhatsApp or notifications.

Meet BlockTrust at Token2049:
BlockTrust’s executives attending the event include:

  • Mike Alexander, Co-Founder
  • Mike Haywood, Co-Founder
  • Andrew Stedman, Chief Operating Officer
  • Stéphane Zermatten, Director of Product Strategy & Marketing

Michael Alexander, Former CEO of Jefferies Bank in Asia, Former CEO of the $1bn EOS VC and now Co-Founder of BlockTrust explains: “Having been in the Blockchain space since 2016, we founded BlockTrust to help educate major global brands on the opportunities and threats that Web3 poses. In doing this we have reached over 300 C-level and board level executives to truly understand the needs of their customers and design products which enable their journey into Web3Commerce.

Dr Michael Haywood, Founder of, a “decentralised talent ecosystem” managing $billions in recruitment spend globally each year, Board Member of National Museum of Australia and now Co-Founder of BlockTrust adds: “Since the inception of Web3, major global brands have recognised the opportunity the technologies provide, but have struggled to identify applications that deliver genuine improvements in customer experience, product growth, and brand value. At BlockTrust we have been laser focused on developing products with real world use cases and utility for major brands, as they will be the ones to help bring the next 1 billion customers across to web3.

If you’re keen to discover more about ID3 or delve into BlockTrust’s Web3Commerce suite, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at and arrange a demonstration for your Brand and Community.

About BlockTrust
BlockTrust is a leading Blockchain and web3 infrastructure group, providing comprehensive solutions for major brands. Through innovative technologies like Proof of Influence, Smart Escrow Contracts, and ID3, BlockTrust empowers brands to build loyal communities, generate new revenue streams, and protect customer data in a secure environment. By seamlessly integrating web3 technology into brand strategies, BlockTrust revolutionises the way brands engage with their customers in the evolving digital landscape.

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