A Chat Bot To Help You Understand Yourself: Dr. Inkbot Helps Map Out Your Personal Psychology

NASHUA, N.H., June 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — An innovative new application uses artificial intelligence to put your psychological profile in the palm of your hand. Dr. Inkbot is an AI-powered chatbot that sits on top of a patent-pending platform for projective testing. Take some of our innovative projective tests, get your scores on different psychological constructs, and chat with Dr. Inkbot to learn about what it all means.

An innovative new application uses artificial intelligence to put your psychological profile in the palm of your hand

For so long, psychological assessments have been inaccessible to the general public, both in terms of getting them done, and in terms of understanding what they mean. That’s why we created Dr. Inkbot—to create an AI-integrated platform that allows you to test yourself and learn what the results say about you.

Using Dr. Inkbot is easy. Sign up and you’ll be able to take one of our proprietary projective tests once a month. Each month will focus on a different part of your psychology. For example, you might learn about your motivations in one month, and your susceptibility to persuasion in another.

Once you’ve taken your test, we’ll start to score it for you. To score your test, we’ve mixed the best of human intelligence with the best of artificial intelligence. One of our trained professionals reviews each anonymized response to our projective tests for an initial series of scores. These initial scores are then used by our patent-pending advanced scoring and profiling algorithms to serve deeper insights to the user. These algorithms identify other thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that you are likely to have—that is, it identifies other parts of your psychological profile.

We‘ll then take your results and visualize them on our platform, allowing you to interact with them in different ways. If you’re interested, you can also tell your results to our chat bot, Dr. Inkbot, and get information on what these results mean about your personal psychology. Dr. Inkbot can help interpret your scores and provide relevant insights and implications.

Since our tests are helping you learn about your personal psychology, we make sure our measures, tests, and algorithms are rigorously developed. Our research team uses the latest and greatest research in psychological science as a foundation for our tests. Using state-of-the-art psychometric guidelines, this team continually revises and improves these tests for increased reliability and validity. Don’t believe us? You don’t have to! We regularly release information on our measures, our projective tests, and our machine learning models.

Ready to learn more about your personal psychology? Visit www.doctorinkbot.com to start today!

Dr. Inkbot is built by Inkblot Holdings, a company specializing in psychological consulting and technology solutions. Inkblot Holdings contains a group of specialized consulting firms, such as Inkblot Analytics and Inkblot Advertising, as well as innovative technology, such as Brand Blots and Dr. Inkbot.

CONTACT: Ken Faroinfo@inkblotholdings.com  

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