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leading cad software for 3d mon

Leading CAD software for 3D monitor 3D PluraView certified: 3D stereo visualisation improves CAx workflow with CATIA. The integrated 3D mouse cursor in the software application provides convenient stereoscopic design capabilities.

Leading CAD software for 3D monitor 3D PluraView certified: 3D stereo visualisation improves CAx workflow with CATIA.

MIESBACH, BAVARIA, GERMANY, October 12, 2023 / — The 3D software application CATIA from the French company Dassault Systèmes has already successfully established itself in many industries worldwide: in aerospace, the automotive and supplier industry, the construction industry, industrial manufacturing, energy and product technology, mechanical and plant engineering, healthcare and Formula 1. CATIA is not just a CAD application, but a comprehensive software package for product design and development. With CATIA, users can model any product and turn it into a three-dimensional, interactive application. The perfect tool for engineers, architects, technicians, designers and construction professionals. CATIA’s sophisticated system architecture allows the most complex products to be developed, analyzed, modified and virtually experienced in real time. CATIA is plug-and-play compatible with Schneider Digital’s professional 3D PluraView monitors. The 3D PluraView monitor systems provide the optimal stereo environment for comfortable and fatigue-free work in all 3D stereo and VR/AR desktop application areas. They are based on the innovative and reliable “Beamsplitter” technology and guarantee a pixel-precise 3D stereo display in highest image quality. Both software and hardware meet the high requirements of international standards in terms of quality and safety. Schneider Digital has already certified its 3D PluraView monitors for several hundred applications. With CATIA, another powerful unit is added.

CATIA is a CAD system from the French company Dassault Systèmes, which was originally developed for aircraft construction. Today, the design software is established worldwide and is used in a wide variety of industries in over 140 countries to develop and design virtual products. CATIA is the abbreviation for Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application, a computer-aided, three-dimensional, interactive application. CATIA V5, V6 and CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE are the latest and most widely used CAD tools. These are software packages that have both CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) in addition to computer-aided design of precise 2D and 3D stereo models (CAD). This allows products to be viewed not only spatially, but also in the context of movements, strengths, acoustics and thermal conductivity.

Engineers and manufacturers in high-tech industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction, industrial manufacturing, energy and product engineering, consumer products, machinery and equipment, healthcare and Formula One, among others, benefit from CATIA’s high design quality, accuracy, centralization of design data and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). CATIA’s design, engineering, systems development and construction applications support specific industry needs by creating real-time virtual environments. These tools make products and sustainable innovations imaginable and tangible and ensure better product performance. For systems engineers, technicians, designers, and construction professionals, CATIA offers a virtual world that they can define, co-create and purposefully change themselves.

High-quality: The CATIA disciplines

The CATIA platform 3DEXPERIENCE, with its 3D modelling and simulation functions, also enables multiple project teams to work together. When designing and constructing complex building and infrastructure projects, the 3DEXPERIENCE Virtual Twin technology creates a design environment based on a single database. All those involved in the project have access to this data from any location during the ongoing design and engineering process. This facilitates teamwork, reduces sources of error and saves time-consuming rework.

CATIA DESIGN/STYLING is the platform for innovative and creative designs as well as surface modelling. Here, designers find everything they need to develop new shapes, materials and surfaces. Mechanical engineers working with 3D modelling benefit from the CATIA ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE platform. It offers a wide range of 3D assemblies for the creation of high-quality, complex and mechanical prototypes, on the basis of which analyses, and diverse simulations are possible.

Powerful: 3D PluraView stereo technology

With its 3D PluraView monitors, Schneider Digital offers a customized technology for the spatial display of 3D models in perfect image quality. Schneider Digital is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of customized hardware solutions for graphics-intensive computer applications and offers professional users from the fields of CAx, geoinformation, medical technology and many more complete workplace solutions with powerful Intel and AMD-based workstations, professional graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD, RAM and stealth mice in 3D stereo mode.

The 3D stereo monitors based on flicker-free “beamsplitter” technology make working in virtual reality environments a real high-tech experience. The detailed and high-contrast 3D stereo image display on the PluraView monitors is now the industry standard for all stereoscopic software applications. With its innovative monitor systems, Schneider Digital has given the term “3D CAD” a completely new value in the fields of CAx, construction and design.

As a fully-fledged desktop VR/AR system, the successful 3D PluraView monitors are certified for all common 3D stereo-capable applications in photogrammetry and GIS. They are plug-and-play for their features, provide pin-sharp presentation in real time and allow the user to work fatigue-free even in daylight. Transparent lenses allow unrestricted communication with clients and colleagues. Equipped with a high-tech tracking system, the 3D PluraView also allows interaction with 3D stereo models without a mouse.

CATIA certified for 3D PluraView

Several hundred selected software applications have already been officially certified by Schneider Digital for this cutting-edge technology (PDF list at The seal of approval assures that quality and safety meet the high requirements of international standards. With CATIA, another software application has now joined the list. The performance of these two future-oriented technologies promises a breathtaking, virtual experience at the highest level. Josef Schneider, CEO at Schneider Digital, can only confirm this: “With this fusion, we not only meet the high expectations for a unique viewing experience in 3D, but we exceed them.”

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