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9 Methods to Provide Coaching to Employees, Identifies New Report by RedThread Research

WOODSIDE, Calif., Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — A new report from RedThread Research, The Immediate Future of Coaching: Making Coaching More Scalable, Inclusive, and Affordable, offers insights and analyses into the rapid evolution of Coaching. It notes that new technologies, mindsets, and demands from employees have moved coaching into the mainstream: orgs are finding ways to offer coaching in multiple forms, on different topics, for more employees at various levels of the organization, and are incorporating Coaching into employee development more broadly.

Key findings from the report reveal that:

  • Coaching is becoming more abundant and its scope is broadening. Aside from leadership development, it is also being used to engage employees, personalize development on a broader scale, and culture change initiatives. Orgs continue to experiment with new uses.
  • The lines between coaching, mentoring, educating, championing, and any number of similar roles are blurring, and the boundaries of coaching are being pushed
  • There are 9 different methods that talent leaders can use to provide coaching to their employees. These methods fall within 3 categories: methods to increase individual effectiveness, those used to increase team or group effectiveness, and those used to increase org effectiveness.
  • There are 3 constraints associated with coaching: scalability, inclusivity, and affordability. Understanding which constraints affect which coaching methods can help leaders make better decisions.
  • Measurement of coaching is in its infancy, but it is generally measured 3 things: participation/satisfaction, coaching themes, and correlations to business KPIs.

“While coaching used to focus specifically on performance—and even more specifically on leadership performance—we noticed that orgs now offer coaching to new hires and employees at key transition points, like moving into management, for example, and are using it to retain and develop diverse talent. We wanted to understand these changes,” said Dani Johnson, Co-founder and Principal Analyst of RedThread Research, and author of the report. “Specifically, we wanted to understand how coaching can increase access to learning throughout the org, what challenges it helps solve, what constraints are associated with leveraging different types of coaching, and what characteristics make coaching initiatives successful. Our research answers all those questions.”

The report also includes guidelines for talents leaders to identify their target audience and select the most appropriate coaching method for them, along with several real-world examples of how companies have generally measured the success of their coaching initiatives.

To access the full report, please write to RedThread’s recent report on coaching technology is available at

About the Report

The Immediate Future of Coaching: Making Coaching More Scalable, Inclusive, and Affordable is an original study by RedThread Research; it included:

  • A literature review of 60+ articles from business and trade publications
  • A roundtable attended by 27 talent leaders
  • In-depth interviews with 16 leaders on their experiences and thoughts on coaching

All information for this study was collected from June to November 2021.

About RedThread Research

RedThread is a human capital research and advisory firm that listens to you and understands your business. We’re experts in talent management, learning, and diversity and inclusion and the technologies that support them. But more importantly, we’re truth-seekers and storytellers in a world where there’s a dearth of the former and much of the latter is sort of bunk. We use technology and collaboration to make connections between people, data, and ideas— even among seemingly unrelated concepts. We focus on providing high-quality, unbiased foresights that you can implement for a stronger business. For more information, please visit us at Follow RedThread on Twitter at @RedThreadRe and on LinkedIn at @redthread-research.

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Nitika Gupta, RedThread Research, 647-444-4048,


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