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19 Year Old Entrepreneur Tells All About

Miami, FL, Oct. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hamzah Montana founded Study Hat with the aim to replace traditional textbooks and worksheets in school with more efficient resources. He was motivated to launch a more comprehensive and streamlined method of learning for students all around the world. This has allowed students that were unable to attend classes to catch up online, working at their own pace through pre-recorded video lessons and personalized content. Study Hat has become a powerhouse within the education industry with over 10,000 students enrolled and sales surpassing $500,000 this year. 

Growing up in the UK, Hamzah kicked off his career as a professional gymnast for Great Britain. Alongside this, he spent time fascinated with technology and filmmaking which led into his first entrepreneurial endeavor setting up a YouTube channel creating videos on the latest consumer electronics. As his channel began to grow he started to work with leading brands within the industry and travel around the world attending various launch events and conferences. 

At the age of 16, Hamzah left school with zero qualifications and moved on from the YouTube space after the channel rights had been acquired by tech publication ‘Updato’. He then went onto launch a crowdfunding campaign for Infinity Links, a jewelry brand that combined tech with fashion, becoming the youngest individual to successfully complete a campaign of that size.

Hamzah had recognized the overall lack of support in his own education at school and had an idea to provide an affordable and practical solution to help students prepare for exams online. With no outside investment he decided to code the website and create the educational content himself, budgeting $500 until he could fund the operations further. 

In 2019, Study Hat officially launched with a collection of videos and 1000’s of questions for students. After a few months, Hamzah realized there was not enough interest for his product and the launch had not been successful. He took this setback as an opportunity to pivot and try again from another angle. Going back to the drawing board, he had noticed there was a lack of free videos for education on YouTube and began to publish them for students to watch. As luck would have it, Study Hat became more and more popular with students and teachers tuning in from all over the world. 

Hamzah recently secured a deal to have Study Hat acquired, handing over the reins to a new team with plans to expand operations globally to bring more teachers onto the platform. With time on his hands now, he plans to fire up his own mentoring program focusing on helping younger entrepreneurs within the community to build and scale their own companies.

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