Mumbai is India best city: Nationwide survey

Mumbai is India best city

Mumbai was declared as India best city among the survey of 21 big cities in India. The city received top rank because of the capability of the administration to deliver better quality of life. Last year, the city was on the eighth place in the same list. This year Thiruvananthapuram came second in the list. Delhi slide down to the sixth position from fifth in 2014. Number one smart city Bhubaneswar came 18th in the list. India best city

India best city

Mumbai is India best city

The study was conducted under the Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems (ASICS). Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy conducted the survey in the 18 states. When it comes to the global standards of providing services, all cities rank very low compared to London and New York. This indicates the need for large scale governance and municipal commissions reforms in major cities in India but India best city.

Even planned cities such as Chandigarh are at the bottom of the list. Performance of the planned cities was expected to be better as more budget has been allocated in the creation of those cities to provide basic services to people. The megacities such as New York, London score 9.7 and 9.4 respectively in the study. The Indian cities score in the range of two to 4.2. Cities such as Hyderabad, Kanpur and Chennai made significant improvements in the ranking. Raipur and Surat have shown disappointing performance. India best city.

The cities miserably fail when it comes to providing high quality life with long term sustainment. It is going to be huge problem in India as the country has large backlog in public service delivery. India best city The rate of urbanization is also very high but service delivery is not growing at that pace. Floods in Mumbai, Chennai, garbage problems in Bangalore, high pollution level in Delhi are alarms of these problems. India best city Mumbai, which was ranked as India best city under this study also has lot to achieve in governance domain.

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