Lele Pons

Lele Pons new music video Bloqueo released

Lele Pons aka Eleonora “Lele” Pons Maronese, 22 years old, a Venezuelan American actress, singer, dancer, model, host, comedian & Viner, lives in Los Angeles, California, also won the Teen choice Viner award, Best Ensemble cast for Escape the Night as Best Viner and Worldwide Instagrammer of the Year award, released her new and first music video of this year ‘Bloqueo’ with Fuego, an American singer & songwriter on February 22, 2019.

Bloqueo music video gains 9.7million views in five days, it’s in Spanish language, Bloqueo means Block in English.
Pons got famous because of her vine, she’s the most -followed on social media. She has 13million subscribers on her Youtube channel and 33million followers on Instagram. Pons even became the first Viner to gain a billion loops.

Lele Pons Carrier:-

Pons started her carrier as a Viner as she said in Teen Vogue that in stating she was not at all creative even not funny but her followers get increased and they got dependent on her to make them laugh.

Lele Pons even launched a jewelry collection called UNO Magnetic in 2015 and co-authored a novel based on her own high school experiences ‘Surviving High School’ which is co-authored with Melisa de la Cruz.

Pons also acted in Films and Television like My Big Fat Hispanic Family, The Space Between Us, Scooby Doo Is Back, We Love You, Scream, Escape the Night, La Voz Mexico, etc. She hosts the LaVoz Mexico on October 14, 2018. Last year in 2018 Lele released her three music videos as a lead singer ‘Dicen’ with Matt Hunter, 21 years old, a Colombian-Italian-American singer, songwriter and voice actor, ‘Celoso’ & ‘Telefone(Remix)’ with Aitana Ocana Morales,19 years old, a Spanish singer & songwriter. Celoso song was a huge hit, it gains 218million views and 2.5 million likes, Dicen gains 180million views with 1.7million likes &Telefone(Remix) gains 44million views.

Pons even performed live on Latin American Music Awards on her song ‘Celoso’.


Lele Pons presented on the 61st Grammy Awards 2019, she wore a show-stopper gold-colored dress with trail and with the knee-length boot in gold color by Maison met.


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