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Happy Halloween 2018: tips and trick for Happy Halloween

Halloween has gained its popularity over the time in different countries. It is now the second most celebrated after Christmas. As everyone is quite excited about Halloween, one should keep in mind some safety tips to make it a Happy Halloween.

Parents Accompanying children: For children, Halloween night can be the most exciting night of the year, but the safety comes first. It is recommended that parents should accompany their children below the age 12. Even if Parents are not there, they must make sure their children are with at least a few friends.
Applying Makeup: We all want to dress up for Halloween and try a totally new look. Anyways one should make sure that the makeup they are planning to apply on themselves suits their skin.
Costume selection: If you are selecting a dark costume you should make sure you carry a flashlight. Children wearing dark costume must have a glowing tape on it
so that they can be seen by drivers. To avoid tripping and getting hurt, avoid too long costume make sure your costume is of appropriate length. Also, buy a costume which is flame resisted.
Proper Mask: Select Mask wearing which you can see, and breath properly. Most of the masks make it difficult to see and breathe. If you cannot find a proper mask go for non-toxic makeups.
Avoid Candles: Candles can be dangerous if kept near a curtain or any flammable item. Children or pet can accidentally knock it over. Instead of using a candle, using a battery-powered light is a better option. If a candle is part of your costume you can try witches hat, blood stains etc things which are safe.
Driving alert: Especially on the Halloween a person should be extra careful and should drive slow, especially near the residential areas.

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