Private Facebook messages leaked on Facebook Account

Facebook is known to be one of the biggest platforms of social media. People use this for uploading status, pictures videos and talk to people living in different countries. However, recently messages from 81,000 accounts were hacked by the hackers.

Facebook Messages of 81,000 hacked

Recently hackers took the access to messages of 120 million accounts on Facebook and publishing of messages 81,000 already took place. Compromisation of several users took place which was based in Russia and Ukraine. Not only this, but they also published messages f 81,000 accounts for money generating according to the report of BBC. However, some were from US, Brazil, and the UK. The hackers gave an offer of selling the access of a single account for 10 cents.

Discovering the breach took place in the month of September this year. The messages that were obtained reportedly came through the extension of an unnamed rogue browser. According to Facebook, the system of it was not a breach being a part of the hack.

Steps were taken by Facebook

Facebook have contacted the makers of the browser for ensuring the extension which is known to be malicious to make the download unavailable. They have even contacted law enforcement. Facebook also worked with the local authorities for the removal of the website which is playing role in displaying the information from the account of Facebook. Russia also contacted 5 users of Facebook whose accounts have been hacked and messages have been displayed and took confirmation from them.

According to the reports, one was about the rock band, one was about the picture of the recent holiday and the third was about the complaints of a son-in-law.  In the month of October, Facebook admitted that the hackers stole accounts of 50 million users and stole their digital keys. According to Rosen, the vulnerability was fixed and they also made the token of access to reset for 90 million accounts. 50 million of them were stolen and 40 million were subjected as a “View As” look up in the year 2017.

Ireland’s Facebook Data Protection Commission

Facebook’s lead privacy regulator is Ireland’s Data protection commission. They have opened an investigation which is formal and this is for the data breach which can cause a fine of around $1.63 billion. Digital trends are on the verdict that the latest hack uses the extension of browsers. It is always the best way of checking the source of extension and the permission for granting the access.

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