UIDAI launches new aadhar QR code for offline verification

The Unique Identification Authority of India, to provide extra protection to Aadhaar, has presented a new aadhar QR code that holds points of interest like name, address, photograph, date of birth. A QR code is a machine-readable barcode tag normally used for stockpiling URLs or other details for reading by the camera on a mobile.

Now, aadhar QR code has also been utilized for offline aadhar user verification without the help of 12-digit ID number. This would be convenient for building up the identity with non-statutory elements like online shopping porticos while sending goods.

This new element is accessible through Aadhaar downloads and holds the photo of the Aadhar user despite the current accessibility of statistic data, which thusly will permit different user organizations like banks to check the credibility of Aadhaar card information via offline.

Ajay Bhushan Pandey, CEO of Aadhaar UIDAI, stated: “The new aadhar QR code is a point of milestone advancement which will permit everybody to set up their identity through offline confirmation without giving out Aadhaar number”.

Adding to the continuous fight between the Supreme Court and the UIDAI over the authenticity of Aadhaar, the Supreme Court has watched that the biometric verification of Aadhaar is exceptionally inclined to abuse.

The Supreme Court likewise included that if the biometric verification is joined to each transaction went into by a man, it would “form a wealth of data” emphasizing the requirement for information security.

In another side, the UIDAI has denied the media reports that its guidance Rakesh Dwivedi has blamed Google for attempting to come up short Aadhaar while exhibiting arguments in the Supreme Court.

Our supervision had fought in the court that to the extent Google, Facebook, and Twitter are concerned, they can’t be compared with Aadhaar as the nature of the information is unique and furthermore, because of dissimilarity in the idea of algorithms being utilized, an official release from the UIDAI justified

Aadhaar card holders can download and print their biometric ID with the QR code from the UIDAI site or its mobile application. Thus, recently rebuilt QR code would be helpful for building up the identity with non-statutory substances.

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