How to Link Aadhar Card with Driving Licence

Aadhar Card is necessary to gain many schemes of the Government. As you know till now linking Aadhaar Card with mobile phones, bank accounts and pan cards became compulsory. But now fresh news is that the NDA government is in a plan to link Aadhar card with driving licence. People who apply for a new driver’s license or thinking to renew the same must own the Aadhaar number.

Central Minister of law and IT, Ravi Shankar Prasad in front of press announced that the central government would shortly link Aadhaar card with driving licence. And the discussion will be made with Transport Minister Mr.Nitin Gadkari.The aadhar will be linked driving license through corresponding state road transport websites.

What is a Driving Licence?

Driving license is the legitimate document provided to an individual which give permission to drive vehicles. It includes personal information of vehicle drivers like voter id, pan card, and aadhar card. Sometimes you can use the Driving license as address proof instead of voter id.

Steps to Link Aadhar Card with Driving Licence

  • Initially, visit the State Transport Department website:
  • Then pick the option”Aadhaar Number Entry.”
  • Choose ‘Registration number’ or ‘driving Licence’.
  • Mention your ‘Registration’ or ‘License number’
  • After that Click”Get Details” icon, to display information about your vehicle.
  • Below you can see mobile and aadhar number column
  • Enter your mobile number and aadhar card number in the respective specified column
  • Once you entered both info, Click on Submit button
  • In a few seconds, confirmation SMS will be sent to your mobile number.

The necessity of linking of aadhar card with driving licence

Fake driver’s license is one of the main reasons for increasing road accidents day by day. So, for the purposes of preventing road accidents and to avoid fake driving licenses that the Indian Government plans to link aadhar card with driving licence compulsorily

See below reason- why should you link Aadhar card with the driving licence?

  1. TO fetch the whole process under one umbrella, linking aadhar number with driving licence became essential
  2. The genuine Aadhar-based incorporated driving licence will help the authorized agencies to verify the license information of each vehicle owners all over India.
  3. The authorized agencies can operate easily to identify fake driving licence
  4. If a person has fake driving licences transport authorities can take the right action.
  5. no one can renew duplicate licensec as the data will be accessible all over India
  6. Every new license issuer must complete Aadhar-based confirmation procedure. Because of this trick fake driving licence can be prevented.
  7. The idea of linking Aadhar with driving license will support anti-corruption.
  8. road accidents will be prevented as no one can acquire a driving license without proving their driving capability
  9. Several transport department will start to work in a quicker manner


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