How to Check Your Aadhaar Authentication History Online

Check Your Aadhaar Authentication History Online, The government has made it compulsory to link aadhar with different schemes.UIDAI has influenced an arrangement through which you too can check your Aadhaar verification history by going to UIDAI’s site. You can watch that all activities identified with Aadhaar are started by you and no one else has asked for Aadhaar Authentication for your benefit through this strategy. On the off chance that you run over a transaction that was not started by you, you ought to inform the UIDAI at the earliest.

Aadhaar Authentication History

At whatever point you conjure Aadhaar for profiting a service, UIDAI registers the transaction in its database. No demographic or biometric information is put away in Aadhaar’s database. Just a couple of transaction details are saved, for example,

  • Kind of transaction such as biometric, demographic or OTP based
  • Transaction date and time
  • Organization of Authentication (UIDAI, CDAC, ITD, EPFO, NIC, and so on.),
  • UIDAI response code,
  • Unique Aadhaar Transaction ID
  • Authentication Response to Success or Failure
  • UIDAI Error Code

It merits saying that exclusive 50 results of recent months can be summoned while checking the Aadhaar validation history. UIDAI enables clients to check exchanges of six validation types, in particular:

  • Demographic
  • OTP
  • Biometric
  • Demographic and OTP
  • Biometric and OTP
  • Demographic and Biometric

You can likewise choose the particular date go for survey your Aadhaar authentication history. Notwithstanding, this range ought not to surpass over a half year. You can see a greatest of 50 records at once. On the off chance that you need to locate a particular transaction, select the particular authentication type and the applicable date range

The most effective method to check Your Aadhaar Authentication History Online

Follow these simple steps on the off chance that you need to check your Aadhaar verification history on the web. Here is a well-ordered guide on the most proficient method to check it.

  1. Where to discover it: UIDAI has recorded this facility under Aadhaar benefits on its landing page or here. The site expresses that you can utilize this support of check 50 past verifications. We found that the site demonstrates validation history of up to a half year, however, the number of verifications indicated was less than 50.
  2. Enter your Aadhaar number: Once you attain the page, you will be requested to include your Aadhaar number and a security code to get a one-time secret key (OTP) that you will get on your unlisted number.
  3. Pick history: The following page will have a drop-down rundown of various sorts of validations. You can pick the kind of authentication history you need to check. The distinctive kinds of validations are biometric, OTP, biometric and OTP, demographic and OTP, and demographic and biometric. You will likewise be approached the time run for which you need the validation history. You will require the OTP at this stage.
  4. Discover the list: Once this data is given, the UIDAI entryway will list the verification history alongside confirmation methodology, date, time, name of the Authentication User Agency or AUA (you can check the subtle elements of the AUA here, UIDAI reaction code, exchange ID, validation reaction and UIDAI mistake code, assuming any. At this stage, however, the rundown of your verification history is before you, it doesn’t really make it clear when and where the validation occurred.
  5. Browse points of interest on email: If you have likewise enlisted your email with Aadhaar, you will likewise get an email after every validation. You can utilize the reaction code from the UIDAI site to look through your email inbox to get more insights about specific transactions. The email states regardless of whether the validation was effective and determines which gadget was utilized for that verification. This could be an organization—a telecom specialist co-op or a Financial service organization—or an application that utilized your Aadhaar validation.
  6. How to utilize the data? : In the event that you don’t perceive a transaction, you can contact the AUA to discover why the authentication was directed. You can likewise raise the issue with UIDAI by calling 1947 or by sending the email with the suspicious transaction to

Points to consider

  • Aadhaar verification history can be gotten to just when your mobile number is linked with Aadhaar.
  • A greatest of 50 results can be seen by the client.
  • Users can see the validation history of transactions that are not over a half-year-old.
  • You can likewise choose a custom date range to check the authentication history amid that period.
  • The list contains even the failed Aadhaar verification transactions and the purpose behind their failure

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