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How to become a buyer on Flipkart?

Flipkart Marketplace invitation
Flipkart Marketplace invitation

How to become a buyer on Flipkart?

Flipkart started its online business of selling books in 2007 and today it is among the prominent online shopping player in India. About 30,000 sellers, sell online in collaboration with Flipkart from different parts of the nation to reach a nationwide audience.

Why Flipkart?

  • Flipkart customer base is around 2.5 crores.
  • Flipkart has more than 1 crore visitors to their website and sends over 50 lakh orders every month.

All this goes to demonstrate how fantastic this company is and how they have developed themselves in the market. It has likewise resulted in numerous merchants wishing to end up being a part of Flipkart by selling their items through their marketplace.


Flipkart gathers a commission as a charge for promoting your items, which are offered, and there is no listing cost for items merely contributed to the website. When an item is offered, Flipkart subtracts a portion of commission from the product rate, closing cost, and shipping charges. The commission portion differs across classifications from 2.5 % to 25 %.

Flipkart has 2 kinds of shipping & shipment approaches:

Requirement shipment

It is the regular shipment technique utilized by Flipkart’s logistics arm eKart to provide items. The shipment of orders to customer based upon accessibility of items from the seller and replacements take up to 45 days.

Flipkart benefit

In this program, eKart deals with all stock equipping and delivering and providing the items in a day from the item acquired. Sellers nevertheless have to ensure items are provided to Flipkart’s storage facilities ahead of time to utilize this function.

This makes sure excellent product packaging and shipment within 1 Day and the service features a Thirty Days replacement policy. In case, a replacement is not possible, refunds are done. Customers will see a Flipkart Benefit badge beside the item while shopping.

You can select the appropriate model that matches you most and the prices differ according to the model. It is compulsory for sellers to use Ekart logistics for shipping. Ekart makes use of Flipkart branded clean boxes and tapes and the group provides the item to the customer.

Ways to end up being a Flipkart Seller?

In order to sell items on Flipkart an individual or a business residence have to register and end up being a Flipkart Seller by signing up there. The whole procedure of registering as a Seller is quite simple and Flipkart seller group will assist you, if there is any requirement.

To end up being a seller, check out www.seller.flipkart.com and register. The individual or business residence has to supply the needed details about their business. To comprehend this much better, the information needed by Flipkart are:

  • Seller name
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Business or person’s address
  • Account information
  • The Item Categories to be offered on Flipkart.
  • Files associated with registration of business– Company or Proprietorship info.
  • What are the items/ brand names that one wants to sell on Flipkart?
  • Tax registration files—TIN, TAN, and PAN, with CST/VAT Registration (if it puts on your classification).

Once the files and info are sent, the group will evaluate the application and go back within a couple of days’ time. Depending upon the choice taken, it is then up to the individual or business to start the listing.

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