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Aadhar Card serves as an identification proof for every citizen of India regardless of caste, religion or ethnicity. Every Indian possessing an adhar card has their own individual 12 digit random number to identify them. Since its inception in 2009 the total expenditure spent by the UIDAI was more than Rs 4000Crore.

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Advantages of Aadhar Card

It can be used as an identity proof for creating a new bank account or applying for a new passport. The poor can use it for various services like subsidies and other benefits. This card can help people from the rural areas to avail all the government schemes and other such facilities.

Steps to apply Aadhar Card

You would have to visit any nearby authorized Aadhar enrollment center in your locality or anywhere

else in India.

You can also apply for it online, however if your locality is not listed amongst the online appointment

application website, you will have to personally visit a nearby Aadhar card center

The Aadhar card application form is available for free at the center itself, but if one may choose then

they can download and print it out online.

During enrollment your photos, finger prints and iris scan will be taken.

You will be given an acknowledgement slip as a marker till you receive your original Aadhar Card copy.

With the relevant information that you provided about yourself, it will be evaluated and verified

centrally and only then can the next step to pass on the Aadhar-Card can be made.

If successfully verified then you will receive an SMS or e-mail notification from the center and after a

few days your Aadhar Card will be printed and sent to your address via post.

Usually it takes 60 to 90 days for processing an Aadhar Card due to the strict verification methods. If

there arises any issues in one’s identity then a rejection letter is immediately forwarded to the

respective person.

Documents Required to Apply Aadhar Card

For proof of one’s identity any of the following can be used as a document

Poto ID card, Ration card, Passport, PAN Card Driving License.

For proof of address

Water bill, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bills of the last 3 months.


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