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PM Narendra Modi Addressed the Global Virtual Conference, Read Highlights Here

While addressing the Global Virtual Roundtable Conference Prime Minister Modi on Thursday said India’s economy has been surging and all sectors are now looking up, as he invited global investors in the country with hope of ‘Returns with Reliability’.

Mr. Modi emphasizes the term “Aatm Nirbhar Bharat”, he said Aatm Nirbhar Bharat is not just a vision but a well-organized economic strategy to attract companies to invest in a new idea developed by the youth and Indian origin company which not only beneficial for India but also help other nation to enlarge their connectivity with welfare and development.

He also added that “I am happy that the global investor community has been showing interest and believe in our futuristic plan, your active participation in this roundtable conference adds more confidence.”

“Today, India’s manufacturing sector, infrastructure, financial sector, technology, social sector like health and education, agriculture, etc are being noticed by the world. India is the place to be if you want to your return with reliability. India is known by its ethics and cultures, demand with democracy, stability with sustainability and growth with protecting environment approach” PM said.

India has grown as a courageous and brave country and I am glad that with help of world we are defeating this unpredictable crisis and I believe that together we can go more and earn more in the field of the betterment of our nation. Despite the pandemic, India has shown commendable enthusiasm to fight against the virus or ensuring economic stability. This remarkable resilience is driven by the strength of our system, support of our people, and stability of our policies and planning.


He further added, social distancing and wearing a mask help us to fight against the COVID-19 virus. India bravely fought the global crisis and dealt with lockdown throughout this year and the world saw India’s true character is strength.

“He also praised the Indian behaviour of dealing at the global stage by saying Indians are known for their responsibility, sense of dedication, spiritual understanding, spirit of compassion, and social unity.”


PM Modi said, stability of India’s policies has made it a desired investment destination, citing the 13% rise in foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows in the first five months of this year.

“We are on the way of making new and more strengthen India by adopting a well-planned Aatm Nirbhar strategy which not only attract new business mind but also increase investment in the country. I am glad to see your excitement to enhance your engagement with us and hope that our better understanding of each other’s motives will turn into a better alignment of your expected plan and our vision.”


The virtual investor roundtable conference is being organized by the Ministry of Finance along with the National Investment and Infrastructure Fund. The conference is mainly designed to provide a common platform for sharing motive between Indian business leaders, investors, decision-making bodies, and global institutional.

Along with PM, FM Nirmala Sitharamann and RBI governor Shaktikant Das, and other dignitaries were present at the conference.


Basically, Modi addressed the global investors in term of attracting investment in India as India is becoming a technology hub and global market eyes on us due to the large demand and stable policies.



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