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On the auspicious occasion of Christmas, I have for you’ll a book that will add up to your Christmas cheer. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens the ultimate Christmas classic. The book will get you into the Christmas mood and will enlighten your soul with appreciation and joy. 

About The Author: 

Charles Dickens was born on 7th February 1812 was an English writer and social critic. He’s known to be one of the greatest authors of the Victorian Era. He wrote plenty of fictional novels and short stories, which are popular even today. Some of his notable works consist of The Adventures Of Oliver Twists, Bleak House, A Tale Of Two Cities, A Christmas Carol, Nicholas Nickleby, and many more

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A Christmas Carol narrates the story of Mr. Scoorge, who doesn’t believe in the spirit of Christmas. Mr. Scoorge loathes Christmas not only that he’s known to be the bitterest and rudest man of the town. However, one fine Christmas Eve night, his life changes when Mr. Marley’s ghost ( his dead partner) comes to visit him. That night becomes one of the unforgettable nights of Mr. Scoorge’s life because what he sees and experiences change his perspective towards Christmas and life as a whole. 

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This book was my first Charles Dicken book. I’m so happy that I read it during this time of the year. It’s simply amazing !!!! It is just such a short and sweet read. The book is only 163 pages long one can finish reading it in one sitting. However, the striking feature of this book is its storyline. It is uncomplicated and easy-going, but the depth it carries in it is remarkable. One can learn a lot from this short book. Now let’s speak about the characters of the book. The book is centric only on Mr. Scoorge, so we don’t get to explore the other characters. However, I must say that the writer has done an excellent job with Mr. Scoorge’s part. Mr. Scoorge’s character is described with so much detail that it’s impossible to bother about anyone else. However, Mr. Scoorge is not someone you’ll fall in love with, given his bitter personality. In fact, for the initial few chapters, I could not help but hate Mr. Scoorge. 

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However, I feel that the author has done an excellent job with Mr. Scoorge’s character. He has immaculately contemplated Mr. Scoorge’s words and actions in the same way you’ll expect from a bitter and rude person. But if the author has done a fabulous job in showing Mr. Scoorge in a negative light, he has done an equally good job showing his transition. Speaking about Mr. Scoorge’s transition, it was slow but also very impactful. I think it was the main highlight of the book. Reading about how Mr. Scoorge realizes certain things about things and people around him just warmed my heart. And by the end, you cannot help but feel happy about Mr. Scoorge as to where he ends up and about yourself for reading such a spectacular book. 

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I give this book a full five for its impactful storyline and engaging storyline. The writing of the book is quite easy-going despite being a classic. It makes a simple and short read. So grab your favorite drink and read this classic this Christmas. 


The book meaningful and is filled with lots of thoughtful quotes here’s of my favorite:

“It is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty founder was a child Himself.”

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