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Your phone is full of photos and videos, has run out of storage? So make a place with this trick

Many companies have launched smartphones with more RAM and storage. But people still have the problem of storage in the phone. In most cases, the storage gets full due to photos or videos. Heavy apps also help in making the storage full. Due to this the phone starts hanging and there is a lot of problem in operating it. There is only one way to get rid of all these. Due to which space will be created in your phone and your phone will not hang. Let’s tell how…

Get help from cleaning app

If you want to free up your phone’s memory, you can go to the Play Store and download the cleaning app. There are many cleaning apps available in the Play Store, which will help free up your phone’s memory. These apps delete junk files, duplicate files and many large files. 

Cloud storage

Many companies offer cloud storage with smartphones. You can use this. If you have more photos or videos on your phone, you can save here. This will reduce the memory of your phone. If you want, if you do not have the required photo or video, then you can delete it.

Delete Temporary Files

There are many types of temporary files on our phones. Even by not deleting it, the phone’s memory becomes full. If you clear the cache present in the phone, then you will get good space in the phone. You can delete the cache files by going to the phone’s storage.


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