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Xiaomi assisting Microsoft for developing Windows 10 for Android Devices

Xiaomi helping Microsoft for developing Windows 10 Rom for Android devices. As stated by Microsoft It will be similar to Cyanogen OS.



Xiaomi assisting Microsoft for developing Windows 10 for Android Devices

Microsoft is about to release Windows 10 Rom for Android, yes you have heard it right and With Chinese Giant  ‘Xiaomi’ on it’s side. Google is seriously getting a tough competition to defends it’s Android. While Xiaomi stated that they are not getting in any kind of partnership with Microsoft.

Xiaomi said it’s main motive behind this was to provide variety to it’s devices. Xiaomi wants to give options to it’s Users to choose between Android and Windows OS, whichever they want on their Phone.

On the other hand even Microsoft is playing big. They want to replace Android with Windows as Smartphone’s Primary OS. While there is no dual booting option. Once installed Windows 10 will be default OS of a Smartphone. Microsoft has announced today that it will bring it’s Windows 10 OS to 190 countries by this summer to the world.



Xiaomi will allow it’s Users to test the new Windows 10 rom , If everthing goes right according to Microsoft’s mentioned plan, you can expect a rise in Microsoft’s Smartphone market share, because in the desktop OS, Microsoft still rules the Computer market with a whopping 70% of the Global Market overall.

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