Windows 10 Upgrade notifications on Windows 7 and 8.1?

Windows 10 Upgrade: Windows 10, The OS Giant, Microsoft has already rolled out its latest and most advanced operating system, Windows ten OS and unlike its predecessors, no users are expecting to line-up to buy this latest operating system. But, the computers with older versions of Windows OS (i.e. Windows 7 and 8.1) are experiencing automatic downloading of files for upgrading to this latest version. So, whether to users need Windows 10 or not, this new OS will automatically get into your system, especially if Windows Update is enabled.

Auto Downloading of Latest Windows 10 Upgrade Files on Windows 7 and 8.1, know How to Block It….

How to block Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft recently corroborated to the Register that users across the world who have not even signed-up for automatic upgrading of latest OS will also get the files downloaded automatically into their systems with older version of Windows OS. In a bid to make task easier and faster for users, Microsoft is promoting to upgrade to this latest version of OS.


For those, who have already agreed upon receiving automatic updates via Windows Update will receive the files for the up-gradation automatically and Microsoft will help the users to prepare the devices for this latest Windows 10 OS by downloading the necessary files for further installation. But, users of Windows 7 and 8.1 who have not yet registered for automatic upgrade will also receive files for future installation.


What is making the upgrade more irritating for users is the enormous size of files of Windows ten OS. The files of Windows ten are between 4 and 7 GB, which is quite higher. So, downloading the files for updation to Windows 10 can be complicated and inconvenient for users with restricted hard disk space and limited bandwidth.

Users looking for ways to stop the automatic downloading need to first disable Windows Update. But, it is not the only solution to prevent the automatic downloading of files, instead user are also required to remove the downloaded files of Windows 10 from the computer and barricade them from future downloading for optimal performance of the system. Here are few steps to follow in order to remove and block Windows 10 from auto downloading.

Removing Windows 10

  • In “Start” menu, you are required to search for “Features and Programs”
  • Click the “View Installed Updated” available on left-side of window that Pops-up
  • Users of Windows 7 will get updates like 3035583, 2952664, or 3021917, while 8.1 users will get updates like 3035583 or 2976978.
  • With right click on this updates you will find the option of “Uninstall”
  • Re-start the system and you are done with the removing process.

Blocking Windows 10 Files

  • Search for Windows Update in Start menu
  • In Window that pops-up you will find “Check for Updates” option on the left which you need to click
  • The list of pops-up available there will include Windows 10
  • Click the “Removing Windows 10 Upgrade Files” and with “Right Click” you can remove each hidden updates.

Most of the Windows users across the globe are hesitating to upgrade to Windows ten due to the concerns related to potential bugs or surveillance features, while there are many who have already switched to Windows 10. Microsoft has already confirmed that over 75 million systems across the world are running on latest version of OS and Windows 10 is reckoned as the most-used OS on Steam as well.


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