WhatSim: The card that lets you access WhatsApp Unlimited Worldwide

Finally the solution to every whatsapp user’s problem has arrived and it has come in the form of a sim card called whatsim.


Whatsim may be the most innovative work up until now as this chip of a card would help whatsapp users especially those who are always on the move from one country to another connect with their friends and close ones without depending on data plans or restricted wi fi networks and roaming charges and many other hassles. As Whatsim is the only sim card and the first of its kind that gives a cheaper and better accessibility to the most popular app in the world.

A user would only have to pay about €10 that comes to about 714 Rupees and use the app for an unlimited amount of time within a year. However there are certain credits that the user would have to purchase if they want to post pictures, videos or send voice messages.

There are different plans for different countries which are categorized in the form of zones, India is on the third zone, however the contacts and location charge is free.

The most weird part of it all is this is that this sim was created by an external source, by a company called the Zeromobiles company which has no relations with the facebook owned whatsapp at all.


“whatsapp is the future of mobile communication” said Manuell Zanella. CEO of  Zeromobiles. Whatsim will be accessible in almost 150 countries across the world. In a recent survey it was found that there were about 700million monthly whatsapp users in the world, it seems it’s a small world after all.

However this was not the first sim card that came up with this awesome idea, there were several other plans in the past that tragically never made it due to some issues


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