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WeMo, the app that catches thieves


WeMo, the app that catches thieves

Ever felt the need to tighten up the security in your house because the current system that you use is not reliable enough and you cant afford the more advanced and sophisticated ones? Well, Manythings co-founder James West and his latest app WeMo might just blow your mind away.



By using the app WeMo, users can use their old iPhone or iPad as a webcam which will be sending live feeds of their home while they are at office or simply in the beach.

The app is being currently used by more than 200,000 people worldwide and has proven to be very effective as it helped catch many burglars, who were not aware of this latest innovation.

WeMo also provide their own webcams called the Belkin Netcam, which comes with a microphone that helps interacting with the people on the other side, the latest version which comes at a price of $122 is featured with infrared night vision, as it is the dark that most burglers await to make their move.

The app comes with a free version which has very limited features like limited recording, the paid version allows users to record as long as they want or store it in cloud and at the same time connect with many other devices.

Sources reveal that the company is trying to create an android version of this app because of the current popularity of the android worldwide.


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