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WearSens Necklace- A New and Innovative Technology to a Healthy and Fit Life

WearSens Necklace- A New and Innovative Technology to a Healthy and Fit  Life

Tired trying expensive gyming sessions and serious diet plans for loosing weight but with no vain? Don’t worry ! Here we introduce you to the most ingenious nutrition collar belt to prevent you from overeating. WearSens – an innovative wearable nutrition monitoring system is the most resourceful necklace you will ever witness! Can’t accept the fact? We are sure you will by the end of this article.


A close fitting wearable necklace, WearSens, is a smart choker which monitors liquid, food and smoke that you throw down your gullet furthermore sending a pesky alert if you overeat or eat too less. It is a food diary you wear across your neck (though slightly odd) that utilizes piezoelectric sensors to calculate various food intake aspects like – amount of liquids & food consumption, time taken to gobble down that snack or meal and if you wait too long or overindulge to eat between meals.

With simple and transparent operation, this recent successful weight loss technology offers exceptional visibility into individual’s nutrition wellness. The sensors used by the collar keeps a track of the vibrations created in the neck when a person swallows their drink and chew their food. Designed by engineers at University of California Los Angeles, this inventive ‘diet choker’  has the ability to sense what type of food you are eating (soft or crunchy) and determine its temperature ( consuming hot/ cold drink) too. In case of smokers trying to quit, the WearSens has the potential to send alerts to an individual’s doctor & family members when the wearer takes a puff.

The next question arises is how these data are acknowledged by us? As per Popular Science, the data is transmitted to a smartphone app which records an individual’s daily consumption after entering few crucial information in the app like – gender, weight, height, etc to correctly adjust the data. Also information on your weight goals (weight loss, weight gain or maintaining weight) could be feeded in the app to effectively attain them. This historical and real time data on your smartphone or tablet app tracking your complete food habits offers individual counselling. Adding to this, one can use the social media to gain motivation by sharing his successes with his competitors. Also, the device buzzes the app in the smartphone on exceeding your permitted daily calorie limit.

To examine the accuracy of the device, the co-developer of WearSens, Majid Sarrafzadeh, carried out a small experiment. The IEEE Sensors Journal posted the result of this study which found WearSens to be 90% accurate. Lot of people might find this new tool of weight loss to be bizzare and self – indulgent.  On the contrary, the engineers think of it to be helpful for some critical medical purposes. It could help people to monitor when they take their medicines and ascertain that they don’t miss it. Supplementary, it could work together with a lung transplant surgeon for measuring transplant patient’s breathing patterns.

Have to say, WearSens is one ‘accessory’ every women & men would love to possess!


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