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Twitter admits its mistake, Delhi High Court reprimanded, said government is free to take action

Twitter has admitted before the court on Tuesday that it has not followed the new IT rules made by the government. After which the Delhi High Court has also reprimanded Twitter and told the government that it is free to take any action against Twitter.

In fact, according to the new IT rules made by the Government of India, Twitter was to appoint a Grievance Officer, but the company did not do so. After this, Amit Acharj filed a complaint against Twitter in the Delhi High Court. During the hearing on the same complaint petition, today the court asked the central government whether Twitter did not follow the guidelines made by the government, then the center said yes.

Twitter admits its mistake

After this, advocate Sajan Poovayya, appearing for Twitter, also admitted that Twitter has not followed the new IT rules. Twitter said in the court that, We have not properly followed the new IT rules made by the Government of India till today.

Twitter told the court that we are going to appoint a new complaint officer soon. On this, the court reprimanded Twitter and asked, when will this process be completed? The court said that if Twitter feels that ‘they can take as much time as they want, then we will not allow this to happen.

High Court reprimanded

The Central Government told the High Court that a notification was issued on 26 February, in which Twitter was given three months to rectify the mistake, but even after three months, 1.5 months passed and Twitter did not appoint Grievance Officer. So we had to start the action.

On this, the High Court told the Central Government that, now we cannot give any security to Twitter and the Central Government is free to take any action against Twitter. The court asked Twitter how long it would take them to appoint a new grievance officer. On this, Twitter’s lawyer has sought one day from the court. Now since there is a difference in the time zones of Delhi and San Francisco, the next hearing will be held on Thursday.

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