How to Activate WhatsApp’s Voice Calling Feature


Now you can talk to your friends for hours without paying anything to your service provider. It’s not the case of something new in context of free voice calling applications. There are various applications like Hike and Viber, who offer you free voice calling without paying anything.

It’s now the time for everyone to start making free voice calls via the widely used chatting application WhatsApp. Just like your other free voice calling apps you can now call your friends using WhatsApp.

While several online reports have claimed that the voice calling feature on WhatsApp has arrived, there is no official announcement or confirmation from the company. Several blogs suggested that users need to download the latest version of Whatsapp or get version 2.11.528/531 to activate the feature. However, this may not work. Even newer versions like 2.11.561 are yet to get the feature. So, upgrading to the latest version will clearly not work.

Another round of online reports informed that users will only get the calling feature activated on their accounts if someone makes aWhatsAppcall to them. Suggesting that invitation is required.

Beware— because several malwares and fake WhatsApp calling apps have appeared to take advantage of curious users.


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