YouTube coming up with new features in 2022

YouTube has shared a list of all the new features that are coming to the streaming video platform gradually this year. YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, Neil Mohan has shared a roadmap for new features for YouTube in 2022. He mentioned that, “Each of these updates is based on a lot of discussion and data, as well as feedback from the entire YouTube community.” Mohan has mentioned the features for creators, viewers and partners in an official blog post. Here is a list. 

Features For YouTube Creators

  • YouTube wants to provide every tool possible to help creators achieve their creative goals. For this, the company has confirmed to bring more engagement and monetization options across all formats – shorts, live and VOD – on the platform right now.
  • For starters, the company is focusing on how creators can create shorts. In addition, new video effects, editing tools, etc. will also be added so that creators can easily create short videos.
  • YouTube is also bringing the feature of replying to individual comments by making short. Also, the company will be adding new options to BrandConnect to help shorts creators create branded content in shorts. These features include Super Chat and the feature to shop directly from Short.
  • Other editions include ‘Go Live Together’ and ‘New Insights’ in YouTube Studio. ‘Go Live Together’ will allow creators to collaborate with each other. The ‘New Insights’ feature will analyze Google’s search data to inform creators about the trending topics of the time.
  • Apart from this, the company is also planning to bring shopping, gift membership and many other features on the platform in 2022.
  • Going forward, creators will also be able to create their own channel guidelines for the comment section and NFTs.

Features For YouTube Viewers

YouTube viewers, who use their smart TVs to watch videos on the platform, will get the option to reply or comment on the videos using their smartphones. Mohan has not given any official timeline other than when to expect this feature.

Apart from this, the company has already introduced a new viewing screen with more interactive controls and easier navigation. Premium members now also have new and improved listening controls. Apart from this, the company will also add parental controls to YouTube Music and YouTube TV app.

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