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Windows 10 X: Specifications, Features, All You Need To Know About It



Windows 10 X
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Windows 10 X is the updated version of Windows 10. Windows 10X is the official name for Windows Lite/Santorini. It is designed for dual-screen devices and it’s also applicable to traditional laptops as well. It is equipped with the advanced features and offers a customised interface for all the core components of the Microsoft desktop operating system. Its installation will be the same as that of Windows 10. It will not be in ISO format, it will be available by third-party tools.

With the inauguration of Windows 10X, Microsoft is trying some new features in it. As it is introducing Live Tiles, large interactive icons, and useful information is displayed on the top. Microsoft is calling it a ‘Launcher’. 

Features of Windows 10 X

Same as Windows 8, Windows 10X has introduced some of the topmost features in it, which makes it different from others. 

  • Windows 10 X will have gestures like if you will Swipe from the right side to open Action Centre and Swipe from the bottom of the screen to open the Smart menu. It will work on laptops via Touchpad. 
  • It has introduced ‘Compose Mode’ in a new style. Compose Mode allows you to switch taskbar to a further updated taskbar. It allows users to use the keyboard accessory, touchpad and emoji panel. 
  • Another feature that marks its presence in Windows 10 X is that when pops up notifications and it’s designed in such a way that you can quickly find settings toggle without opening settings.
  • Windows 10X comes up with the dynamic wallpapers and it changes content depending on your device’s time or your geolocation. Microsoft plans interesting features as mountain wallpaper changes its colour according to sunrise, sunset. 
  • Lockscreen will be updated with a new model that brings it with authentication updates. No longer need to dismiss the lock before authentication. 

Pre-installed Apps in Windows 10 X

The most important feature of Windows 1 pre AilAllin it. Windows 10 X offers all the applications of Windows 10 or WIN32 applications. It has developed the proper functioning of these apps, regardless of what has to be done or what not to do. Microsoft has used up all-new techniques to run these apps smoothly and give you a wide range of experience. The company released an SDK for the dual-screen Surface Duo Android smartphones. This will work both on laptops and on Windows phones. 

Developers have assumed that in future its features might be inherited by laptops as well. 

It has been made to keep most of the fundamental features of Windows 10.

  • Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Store. 
  • Notepad
  • 4 OEM apps
  • Weather, Solitaire 
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Onenote, PowerPoint 
  • Groove Music, Movie apps
  • Sticky Notes, MS Paint
  • Spotify, Netflix
  • Windows Camera, Windows Calculator, Voice Recorder, Alarm and Clock. 
  • Mail & Calendar

Windows 10 X Release date

Windows 10 X will be released this year till September, but the Operating system will be finalised in October- November 2020.


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Unforgettable 200 years of Sir John Tenniel, a British illustrator



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February 28 is pinned as the 200th anniversary of British political cartoonist, illustrator, graphic humorist Sir John Tenniel. In his memory, google doodle also gave a tribute on his anniversary.  ”Tenniel’s illustration has animated the imagination of children and adults alike for generations. His legacy continues to thrive, as readers cherish these timeless work of art to this day” google wrote this description while dedicating the doodle to him.

Sir John was born in Bayswater, West London in 1820. He was only sixteen when his first painting was exhibited. At the age of 20 he received a major eye injury and he lost the vision of his right eye.

In 1850, he began his work as a political cartoonist at the weekly magazine called Punch.  Due to his near-photographic memory, he had a distinctive style. In 1864, Sir John met Carroll in Alice’s Adventure in wonderland. It was the start of his success, which continued with “Thought of the Looking Glass” in 1871. After a while, Sir John decided not to work with Carroll and returned to work with Punch as a political cartoonist.

In 1893, Sir John has acknowledged a knighthood for his contribution as a political cartoonist at Punch in addition to his illustrations in the two books by Carroll. 

Google doodle has showcased his illustration wherein a girl named Alice is looking up at the Cheshire cat in a tree. Letter L of the google is made by the bent arm of Alice. The google doodle is a photograph of the drawing in Tenniel’s style.

Sir John Tenniel died on 25th February  1914, at the age of ninety-three. He died  3 days before his twenty-fourth birthday. 

May his soul rest in peace!


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Hidden Facts About Amazon Echo



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Have you ever wondered what your Amazon Echo can do rather than playing music and listening to your commands? Amazon Echo is one of the most successful devices ever produced. It is one of the most selling devices in India. Amazon Echo has many hidden capabilities that you are not aware of. Using Alexa to its fullest can ease your work to the limit and will perform various functions.

Amazon Echo can do various functions like it can be connected to the device and can play music, can be used for calling purpose, you can cast something from one Echo device to another, you can also send donations to the charity and Alexa can guard your house in your absence. Alexa has captured the heart of its users. It entered through Echo, the blue-tooth enabled speaker that follows every instruction and plays the music according to your instructions given to it. 

But have you ever wondered what else can Alexa do? So here we bring to you some. Of the hidden Facts of Amazon Echo:

1-Set Multi-Room Music

Having multiple Echo devices in your house is a blessing. You can connect them to one and can play one single song on each device. You just need to create a room and connect all your device’s in one. You can easily stream one playlist or radio channels to several at once. You can put all the devices in one by Alexa App by clicking settings. You can create groups of your choice, but keep in mind that the device should be connected with each other. 

To set a group you need to follow simple steps:

  • Tap on Create Group button. 
  • SELECT Multi-Room Music, give the name and tick the boxes given beside it. 

2-Create Multiple Profiles 

Creating multiple profiles will get access to. Many people around you. Alexa listens to each one of you but it doesn’t gather information about many instructions in one go. Setting up different profiles on Alexa for each person in your house, you can switch them to their playlist and ensures that their music plays on it. 

Creating a new profile. Can only be done by the registered owner of Echo devices. Open settings in Alexa App, click household Profile in the settings menu and enter Id and password. After creating the initial I’d, check in other I’d-password by. Linking them into your account. 

3-Name Game

It is not necessary to call your device by Alexa only. You can name it accordingly and can change it as per your need. Amazon gives you the option to choose from the desired given names. To change this setting you just need to open the Alexa smartphone app, click settings and tap on the device whichever you have selected. Click on edit to change and choose from the drop-down list. 


Some of the more Interesting Facts about Alexa are:

  • Alexa can help you plan your vacations in a budget-friendly way. If you have a Kayak account, you can enable Alexa to plan a trip for you. 
  • Alexa has a solution to every problem. You just simply need to speak to her and she will answer it in the best possible way. Her trivia is beyond Comprehension. 
  • Alexa can be your best friend in no time. It controls your lights, appliances, door locks, and other smartphone devices. Users can browse to smart-home compatibility tools to see what Alexa works with. 
  • If you are taking Alexa to the gym, it can be a good trainer to you as it gets to you with some amazing fitness training and gives you feedback according to your workout in the gym. 


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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite: Specifications, Features and Many More



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Samsung is not letting its users lay down. They are continuously serving their customers with the best of their devices. Samsung is still one of the best Android smartphones company and is backed with awesome features.

Samsung has launched one more device to their collection by adding SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 LITE. Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite was launched on 3rd January 2020. Galaxy S10 features a snapdragon 855 SoC and backs with 8GB of RAM. 

It has an average performance and camera quality is good. Backs with the good battery backup and design are mind-blowing. 

Samsung is backed with awesome features that include water resistance feature , wireless charging, stereo speakers, it’s dual-aperture camera and has a glass-metal body. It has an infinity O- display, and good battery backup. 

Features of Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite 

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite offers maximum features at an affordable price. It backs with the 6.7inch- Super AMOLED+panel with a Full HD+(1080×2400) resolution and has support for HDR10+. Its display is protected by Gorilla Glass, Samsung has kept bezels all around the screen with a curved design which makes quite an elegance. Available in different colours and tricky designs. 

Key placement is good and on the left side, it has a hybrid dual-SIM tray that can either take Nano-sim card or a single sim card and a micro SD card. In the bottom side, it has a type C port and a single speaker. 

Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite


Release Date3rd January 2020 
Operating system Android 10
Processor 2.8GhZ octa-core
Battery 4500mAh
RAM and STORAGE 8GB and 128GB
Camera Rear Camera:(48+12+5)MP;32MP
Dimensions 162.50*75.60*8.10
Resolution 1080*2400
Weight 186gm
Fast Charging Yes
Screen display6.70
Expandable storageYes 
USB Type-C Yes
Active 4G network on both SIMYes
SensorsFingerprint, accelerometer, gyrometre, proximity, compass, manometer, Ambient light sensor
WiFi, Bluetooth Yes, Yes
Available in colour Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Blue


Price of Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite 

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is available at 36,999(INR). It is also available on Amazon and Flipkart. Available in Prism White, Prism Black and Prism Blue. 

Hurry up! Until it’s too late. 


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4 important things about Apple iPhone SE 2: launch on March 31



apple iPhone SE 2
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Apple is planning on driving a new iPhone in 2020 – named either the iPhone SE 2 or the iPhone 9. The device will be declared at a March 31, 2020 But we can’t affirm the specific date of launch.  

The phone will reportedly go on sale shortly after the event, on April 3. More initial rumors meant the gadget would distribute for $399, putting it solidly in the midrange cost section. We can expect that device to appear with the same A13 CPU as the iPhone 11, 64GB or 128GB of storage. and 3 GB of RAM. As with the first one SE at the time, the device would meet the company’s flagships for execution. Apple rather looks to prepare to decrease costs with a more contemptible display and by converting the iPhone 8’s framework.

That might frustrate Apple fans would wish to remember the small iPhone 5 shape of the iPhone SE; it would differentiate Apple in a circle of large phones.

Anyone who supports Apple would recognize the launch of that new iPhone in September. But this forthcoming iPhone is distinct from the annual flagship series. With various reports indicating at the revelation of the iPhone 9, we need a look at five important things about this new Apple phone.

Apple’s second low-cost iPhone

This new iPhone is being promoted as Apple’s next less expensive iPhone and replacement to the iPhone SE propelled in 2016. With the iPhone SE, Apple strived an iPhone with convincing internals but with a dated idea. Apple is exacted to track the corresponding strategy with the iPhone SE 2 as well.

Dated configuration

The design of the iPhone SE 2 has so far said to be determined. Apple is required to utilize the iPhone 8’s design with the Touch ID button for the iPhone SE 2. The iPhone 8 which propelled in 2017 has edgewise bezels on lid and base. It would be mysterious to see an iPhone in 2020 with an old design but Apple could do some modifications to it.

Reliable cost tag

The iPhone 9 will be low-cost contrasted to the premium iPhones. As per rumors, the iPhone 9 will commence at Rs 28,600 for the first model. The cost will alter in various markets and it will cost more expensive in India, at least. This is likewise the similar amount the original iPhone SE introduced at and for the 16GB variant. The iPhone SE successor is still anticipated, to begin with, 32GB as the first model.

The revival of the Touch ID button

One of the premia features the iPhone 9 could perceive is Face ID. Apple launched Face ID with the iPhone X in 2018 and it is the only biometric authentication utilized on iPhones so far. News is, however, inconsistent as several suggest the iPhone 9 will appear with the Touch ID visible button.

The iPhone SE 2 is expected to launch at Apple’s spring event in March. Distinctly, the iPhone SE was also revealed in March. Along with this the iPhone SE 2, Apple is assumed to declare a new iPad Pro, MacBooks, AirTags, wireless charging mat, and Bluetooth headphones as well.

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Top 5 Best Android Games 2020



Best Android Games 2020
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Best Android Games 2020: What’s better than to spend your free time playing some adventurous games on Phones and enjoying every bit of it. It has some mind-blowing functions that will boost your energy and the graphics of the games, makes it even more interesting. With a bundle of games available at Google play store, it would be tough for gamers to choose among many games.

Best Android games 2020:

1-Rest in Pieces

This is the clever spin game on endless running and you have to save from the obstacles that are in your way. It is somewhat like the temple run where you have to dodge yourself right or left to save from dying, but in this instead of running, you are supposed to hang on the rope and have to swing right or left to be in the game. Steps to play this game is easy, but have to practice a bit to make it count. The thing which makes it different from other games is his theme. The motive of this game is that you have to save a series of beautiful characters from a nightmare, counting with poor Georgina and the evil clown. Various ascents can be downloaded which makes the game quite interesting, in this, you will square off against characters like Kraken, Medusa, and even count Dracula before the game gets over. 

2-AI Dungeon

This game is the Android version game that uses the mechanics of ancient adventures but fuses them to AI that creates a story and fly off. AI runs between forgetful, bonkers, brilliant, and imaginative stories. Its graphics can be changed in a move and the game grasp the kinds of people at one go. It provides endless opportunities to revel in the dreamlike narrative world. It just requires some introductory lines to get started with. Fully automated game with adverse a different level and an interesting game to play with friends. 

3- Beach Buggy Racing 2

Racing games have been among the top picks of the gamers. Beach Buggy Racing 2 is one of them. It is a high octane Kart racer game. Vehicle bent around sideways and moves quickly to reach the destination, taking it from medical times to breathing dragons, to early times of dinosaurs and gigantic sea creatures. 

Main step. To cross is to get checkered flag first, across just two laps, to do this you must have to find shortcuts and make use of power-up runs that turn up your game to excel. You have to turn towards opponents into a block of ice, blast them. Into heavens and far from beside. There is no league stage in this game and beach Buggy Racing 2 offers you two race choices at any given time. It’s a bit hard to play but this game has a compulsion loop which is extremely strong to handle and will give you some for the best racing games experience. 

4-Disc Drivin 2

Disc Drivin 2 is a driving based game with awesome graphics and functions. It works as when you flick your little disc about tracks suspended from the bottom, the tension ramps up your car from the track and runs in its own direction. To play it smoothly one has to. Learn its shortcuts and functions to get going with this game. Use the best use of bonus powers and revamp its Speed. One of the best Android games of driving and is worth playing this game. Get this game from the play store and start your game with a go. 


This game is a blast from the past. It’s masquerading as a racer and graphics are worth playing. The main attraction of this game is its roads and vehicles that are controlled by the controller in the network of roads. It is designed in such a way that people and animals move in between the path and they are destroyed in Pieces. Victory comes by completing laps, destroying all opponents and moving quickly. 

In the early 1990s, this game was banned once due to its unethical graphics, but it restored it by changing some of the features of the game and came back stronger. Interesting game to play with friends. 


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