Windows 10 X: Specifications, Features, All You Need To Know About It

Windows 10 X is the updated version of Windows 10. Windows 10X is the official name for Windows Lite/Santorini. It is designed for dual-screen devices and it’s also applicable to traditional laptops as well. It is equipped with the advanced features and offers a customised interface for all the core components of the Microsoft desktop operating system. Its installation will be the same as that of Windows 10. It will not be in ISO format, it will be available by third-party tools.

With the inauguration of Windows 10X, Microsoft is trying some new features in it. As it is introducing Live Tiles, large interactive icons, and useful information is displayed on the top. Microsoft is calling it a ‘Launcher’. 

Features of Windows 10 X

Same as Windows 8, Windows 10X has introduced some of the topmost features in it, which makes it different from others. 

  • Windows 10 X will have gestures like if you will Swipe from the right side to open Action Centre and Swipe from the bottom of the screen to open the Smart menu. It will work on laptops via Touchpad. 
  • It has introduced ‘Compose Mode’ in a new style. Compose Mode allows you to switch taskbar to a further updated taskbar. It allows users to use the keyboard accessory, touchpad and emoji panel. 
  • Another feature that marks its presence in Windows 10 X is that when pops up notifications and it’s designed in such a way that you can quickly find settings toggle without opening settings.
  • Windows 10X comes up with the dynamic wallpapers and it changes content depending on your device’s time or your geolocation. Microsoft plans interesting features as mountain wallpaper changes its colour according to sunrise, sunset. 
  • Lockscreen will be updated with a new model that brings it with authentication updates. No longer need to dismiss the lock before authentication. 

Pre-installed Apps in Windows 10 X

The most important feature of Windows 1 pre AilAllin it. Windows 10 X offers all the applications of Windows 10 or WIN32 applications. It has developed the proper functioning of these apps, regardless of what has to be done or what not to do. Microsoft has used up all-new techniques to run these apps smoothly and give you a wide range of experience. The company released an SDK for the dual-screen Surface Duo Android smartphones. This will work both on laptops and on Windows phones. 

Developers have assumed that in future its features might be inherited by laptops as well. 

It has been made to keep most of the fundamental features of Windows 10.

  • Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Store. 
  • Notepad
  • 4 OEM apps
  • Weather, Solitaire 
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Onenote, PowerPoint 
  • Groove Music, Movie apps
  • Sticky Notes, MS Paint
  • Spotify, Netflix
  • Windows Camera, Windows Calculator, Voice Recorder, Alarm and Clock. 
  • Mail & Calendar

Windows 10 X Release date

Windows 10 X will be released this year till September, but the Operating system will be finalised in October- November 2020.


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