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Whatsapp now made it possible for you to share any file type

Whatsapp recently updated their application including some new features in it and the most useful one is, user can now share any type of files through whatsapp.

Reminding you, we could share only documents, photos or videos via whatsapp previously but the new version lets us share any type of file up to 100MB. So now you don’t have to switch the application to share particular file (Like: exe or other obscure files).

This newer version made sharing easier for the people who use whatsapp at work as they don’t have to log in to their email account now. Its desktop availability is another reason for its popularity. Such lightweight and easy sharable application is much desirable for regular communication or even small business & projects.

Another impressive quality is the media file size, up to 100MB. So sharing high quality photos and videos without any compression via whatsapp is actually possible now.

Though with this liberty of sharing any file type there comes some risk factor as now whatsapp could be used as a media for spreading envious malware versions of android apps, but still the new feature benefited people amazingly to share apps directly specially for the people of Russia, China, Saudi Arabia- where certain apps are banned and even the google play store is not accessible.

Freitas stated, even on iOS there wouldn’t be any risk since the Apple App Store is better secured.
It was launched as a basic chat application at the beginning, with every modified version they kept including new-unique features making this application more powerful and user friendly. New features like video calling has attracted a noticeable number of user for Whatsapp.

The latest updated version comes with another simple but neat feature- a roll of recent photos and videos can be seen automatically after opening to the camera view.

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