What is mobile insurance and from where you can insure your phone, know

The concept of mobile insurance is not very old yet and not many smartphone users are aware of it, or are not willing to buy it. Smartphone theft has become a very common occurrence, making it all the more necessary for the user to insure his device. High end smartphones means for expensive smartphones, this protection is even more important as they can be very attractive targets for theft.

The smartphone industry has undergone massive changes in the last few years. Smartphones have now become a necessity, assisting us in almost everything that we do. When first introduced, smartphones offered very basic features. Customers are now spending more on smartphones than ever before, which can easily go up to a lakh.

Apart from theft, being an electronic gadget, there is a high risk of damage to the smartphone hardware or software which may be due to an accident, drop, water drop, screen break or many other reasons. Keeping all these things in mind, it may be a good decision for you to get your smartphone insured, to help protect the device from any internal or external damages that may happen.

After insuring, if this happens with the phone, you can get a claim

Phone getting damaged due to water getting inside the phone.
Hardware problems such as a bad touchscreen, bad earphone jack, or a problem with the charging port.
fire damage.
Damage caused by damage caused by riot, strike, terrorist activities.
Screen cracking.
Loss of device due to theft, home burglary, burglary.
Loss of device from a safely locked vehicle or home.
Damage to exterior components of the interior of the device.
There are different companies that provide you with mobile insurance including AppsDaily, OneAssist, SyncNscan, OnSightGo and Times Global Insurance etc.

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