watchOS 6 Release Date & New Features: App Store, and more to Apple watch section

watchOS 6 brings even more features and apps to apple watch. Apple has assured that watchOS 6 is succeeding version of the wearable software. It will likely come to your Apple watch by the end of 2019. Its arrival will bring you much more features and updates that will add to your existing apps. A developer beta is likely to be released in June at WWDC 2019.

The first big thing that is coming to this updated version is the new watch faces with the updated version of information that is embedded in it. A number of new faces mean that many new features including graphic design, tracking of steps that will add on to their prior designs.

The biggest update that they announced is now users will be able to control their useful apps by just giving instructions to the watch, they need not take out their iPhone for several functions to perform.

watchOS Release date, Compatibility:

watchOS was unveiled at WWDC 2019, where we heard that developer beta is likely to be released in June. Apple is yet to announce some more features regarding their update in their highly magnified watch.

This update will be gratis to download and is available with the apple watch 4, Apple watches 3, apple watch 2, and the apple series 1. This feature will be reconcilable with the watchOS 5. This means if your Apple watch has received watchOS 5, then also it can receive watchOS 6.

watchOS 6 App Collection:

The most awaited upgrade coming to your wearable is the incorporation of app stores. After introducing this feature to your watch you do not need to download each and every app to your iPhone. You will be able to search for different apps through app stores using scribble or via ‘SIRI’. Like a play store, it will show you a variety of apps, from there you may select your desired app.

It means that you will be able to install apps directly on your wrist rather on your iPhone. It will also free some space on your iPhone and will decrease the use of your iPhone.

Many new apps are now available on the wrist of their users. watchOS will now introduce many new features like :

  • Apple book: which allows you to listen to an audiobook using Bluetooth headphones rather than you listening in your iPhone.
  • Voice memos will also be coming to your wearable that you will be able to speak to your wrist to make notes rather than typing on your phone.
  • Calculator app also being introduced in watchOS for the first time.
  • One more important feature is a tool that allows you to calculate tips or your share of the bill easily to one another.
  • watchOS will make a debut on one of the most important features that can listen to what you’re hearing and will set the decibels according to your hearing ability. Apple said that it will not record the exact sound as it may disturb your privacy.

The update is confirmed to bring new faces to your watch. These are called Modular Compact, Solar dial, California, Gradient and numerals faces.

watchOS will keep an eye on your health:  In this new feature, there is a term called ACTIVITY TREND. This feature will keep an eye on your activities like cycling, walking and many other physical activities or you can simply call it a ‘fitness freak’.

It will keep an eye in cycle tracking on women which means that to keep a track on the menstrual cycle on their watch.

It will determine the time period when their period will start. This will help many women.

Overall this update will make life much easier for the apple users and will help them in their day to day life.

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