Try this easy trick to know who has viewed your WhatsApp profile pic

WhatsApp a famous social media platform used by most audiences. There several features available on WhatsApp. And many users fond of photography keeps changing their profile picture. So users who keep updating their profile picture can now also know which people view their profile picture. Here is a simple trick through which user can easily know the name and number of those who had viewed their profile picture.

Learn how the trick works?

To find out who is viewing your WhatsApp profile photo, you have to download an app. First of all download, the app named WhatsApp- Who Viewed Me or Whats Tracker on your Android smartphone from Google Play Store. To download this app, you also have to download the 1mobile market as well. WhatsApp- Who Viewed Me will not be downloaded without this app. However, 1 mobile market app will get downloaded automatically. After installing WhatsApp- Who Viewed Me on the phone, you will have to wait a few seconds. After a while, you will get a list of those people on the app, so that you will know who checks your profile.

How safe is this app?
In the list revealed under the app, you will be able to find only those people who have seen your DP within the last 24 hours. The app will put a contact category in front of you where you can see the list of those who see your photo secretly. However, how safe is this app for your phone. There is currently no official information about this. However, you can try this trick by downloading this app at your own risk.

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